Sharjah: A.D. 39 Shawaib Malik He is still strong and patriotic Pakistan Batter attributes his longevity to his international career due to his self-confidence.
Malik has been playing international cricket since before the turn of the century, even though some of his teammates were born, but he is still considered one of the best players in the current Pakistani team.
On Sunday, Malik re-taught Pakistan with a stunning 18-goal 54 run to set up a 72-run tournament in Scotland, their fifth straight victory in the T20. World Cup.

It was the fastest half-century joint venture with India. KL Rachel18-Ball 50, which came with Scotland, Pakistan posted 189 for four and the Scots averaged 117 for six.
“. Malik He spoke in a post-match press conference.
“I think if you want to stay healthy you have to train every day, and that’s what I’m doing.
“I’m not sure about playing a year or two more. I’m in something very important right now and I haven’t thought about it all.”
Pakistan are in Group 12 of Super 12 and will face Australia in the T20 World Cup semi-finals in Dubai on Thursday.
After the first half, Malik said: “We’ve really seen Australia. They’ve been playing cricket very well. So have we. But it will definitely be a big challenge for both teams.” At the ICC event since 2009 Winning trophy.

“It’s another game, and then I think the other beats planned it and took it as another game.
“… We have a few days before the semi-games, so I’m sure the management will sit down. Our team is going to sit down and they’ll definitely talk and plan, and, for the film,” he said.
Malik was not a member of Pakistan’s first 15-member squad for the T20 World Cup but was replaced. Sohaib Maksud, Away from the field due to back problems.
“I was playing above. Caribbean I was not named when they announced the first team in the Premier League. I really felt bad. I was devastated.
“But I’ve seen a lot of teams that don’t have my name, so if you don’t really belong to the World Cup, it hurts,” he said.
Malik finished first in the Caribbean Premier League with an average of 7.44 per 10 innings for Guyana and Amazon fighters.
But as a professional cricketer or as a professional athlete, your goal is to talk to yourself and somehow get over that frustration.
I got the chance to play in the Caribbean Premier League and then I came back and played in the domestic competition because I still enjoy going out and that’s what keeps me going.
“Overall the atmosphere in the dressing room is very good, and we have to keep giving our best shot,” Malik added.