(L to R): Gourab Chatterjee, Anindya Chatterjee, Koel Mallick, Abir Chatterjee

‘Work harder, Jim more’ seems to be the latest Hollywood mantra. Famous actors from Aber Chatterjee to Koil Malik can often be seen sharing photos and videos of their gym events on their social media accounts, giving them some of the major # Fitness Goals. My Kolkata He looks at some of Toli’s celebrities’ fitness secrets.

Actress Abir Chatterje returned to the gym in the afternoon to enjoy the festivities. Of Dictionary The actor said in a statement that he was encouraged by the OffBeat CCU gym’s Instagram Real to “make some effort to stay in shape.”

Anindi Chatterje is riding a bike with no content on the screen, which he describes as a “highway ride.” In one of his most recent Instagram posts. The actor often posts his bike videos on his Instagram account.

It is not uncommon for Koil Malik to sweat in the gym. In a new Instagram video, the actress recently spoke about her fitness, pregnancy weight and more. A yoga enthusiast talks about her fitness routine. Fitness Fund IGTV Series.

Actress and politician Santica Bannerje, who often posts videos and images on her social media accounts, gives us a sneak peek of her fitness regime!

The real hit is Gourab Chatterjee, a youth icon and actor, who will be seen next in the series OT UTAM

Actress and director Parambrata are a mix of physical activities that keep Chatopadians engaged. The actor engaged in the next director’s job Abidjan, Based on the Sumitra chatter life, he recently shared a quick gym selfie. Don’t miss the Instagram photo of him having fun at Darling Jimma and Badminton.

Famous TV and film actor Vikram Chatterjee, working in the gym, provides his fans with up-to-date information and inspiration. The actress is set to star in an unrelated director in connection with Aditya Sengupta and actress Dipipria Roy. Rani Rashmoni Fame.

“What you love #work out Soundtrack? ” For TV and film actor Arjun Chakrabarti Music + Exercise = It’s really fast! The video shared by the actor shows the popularity of sweat Dill C. f And Black Panther Song Among other numbers.