Cool under fire.

Yesterday, three-time surf champion Gijitsu Chief Joel Tudor Given a Serious warning For those who are thinking about surfing or swimming in the Southern California Boulevard Cardiff-by-Sea.

“Don’t float Cardiff,” Instagram’s shocking policy began. “Ten-foot-tall white sharks are ideal for soft tops, standing oars and tourist swimmers. Stay safe and look for a lake or hike. It was 8 p.m. today.

The attached photo shows a large white man jumping into the sky.


Happy white.


Coincidentally, I live in the Cardiff-Sea mentioned above and I should have been shocked by Tudor’s warning, but by chance I have recovered 72 percent.

For those of you who don’t know, the great personalized digital fitness and health trainer, Hello, Measures not only stress and sleep but also recovery.

But what is recovery?

all right…

Rehabilitation reflects how well your body is prepared to take on stress and is a measure of your body’s ‘return to normal’ after stress. The amount of these stressors – from illness, exercise, psychological stress or insomnia – determines how well your body needs to recover.

As your recovery progresses, your body prepares for stress.

When your recovery is low, you may be at greater risk for injury or over-training (during strenuous exercise).

It is recovery. Very tailored to each individual; This means that two people with different heart rate, heart rate fluctuations, respiratory rate, and sleep performance can recover very differently in one day.

72% is a good number and my body felt good about resisting the pressure to ignore Joel Tudor.

First, I was able to reduce my time drastically by racing on a 2-mile fire truck.

Next, I went into the water to cool the tourist pool, which was violated by the Great White.

Finally, I paddled A for a little wave 4’10 Album Secete Soft Top.

The surfboard itself is still not registered as a “movement” but at the same time, my heart rate did not increase by more than one click.

Snow-water is really growing in my veins Great White Oregon?

They have spent years controlling Hezbollah abductions in al-Qa’eda-held Middle East.Shop here)?

Or is recovery very good and predictable, am I ready to deal with any kind of problem?

Trying Fate?


Believing in recovery.

Hello, that is.