Orange Theory Fitness and Cycling are just two of the fitness studios near campus to support Ohio State students’ mental and physical health and reduce stress. Credit dead by Haley Ringwell Charity

When she was constantly worried about her education, career, personal life, and other responsibilities, Beka Kemper decided to find a positive way to relieve stress.

Orange Theory Fitness and Cycling are just two of the fitness studios near campus.

“Orange theory helps me clear my mind.” “Regardless of my anxiety, Orange Theory may be the right solution to release that accumulated negative energy.

Orange Theory It is primarily offered by a fitness studio. High-intensity interval training – also known as HIIT – is a general exercise that varies from workout and leisure, said Stephanie Milded, coach and studio manager in the Grandview area.. Orange Theory says sports include paddle, heart and strength training.

Mildstad said her role in the studio is to help participants achieve their personal fitness goals with the help of community motivation. There are three different gym membership options, as well as class packages of 10, 20 and 30 units.

“We have a lot of students who come to Orange Theory and only benefit from the positive atmosphere in the studio.” It’s a very encouraging environment. [that] People are doing things for themselves. ”

Throughout the epidemic, the studio has been following covand-19 protocols to ensure the safety of teachers and classmates during sports activities, Mildsted said. Participants will be asked to wear a mask when they are not actively working, and among other measures, air filters are installed in the studio.

“We follow our state and local authority,” Millested said. After each service, we provide the members with a pesticide to clean their equipment and their staff medically cleans the areas most in contact with pesticides.

For Kemper, Orange Theory is a great way to exercise and relieve stress, but for other fitness studios such as CyclingIndoor cycling studios, including several locations in Upper Arlington, have become the destination of fitness.

Cameron Page, a fourth-year student in psychology, said she discovered Cyclist three years ago and quickly became an important part of her life. He said the fitness studio is focused on empowering the community and making everyone feel welcome and welcome.

Depending on the overall price range, the rooms usually last up to 45 minutes and include seating and bicycle spacing as well as arm exercises with light drums, Page said.

“I had never worked before I was a member of a cyclist, and when my friend and I decided to try a random class, I met immediately,” said Page.

According to him websiteCycling Covide-19 Guidelines, like most businesses, will continue to adapt to the epidemic. So far, he does not want to wear a mask while working in Upper Arlington, but parts are working at half capacity, and according to the page, there are other protocols, such as regular contamination.

Going to a fitness studio like Kemper, Page and Cycling has been a positive exit for her in times of trouble and stress.

“When I met Cyclone, my family underwent some drastic changes, and it served as an opportunity for me to get out and escape,” Page said. “I love the people there and the community at large. I have built strength and endurance, and I love the adrenaline rush lessons I now receive. ”