Stephen Pupas was beaten by Andre Rubylev, and he refused to draw on his fitness as he looked forward to the final two games of the ATP final.


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ፂ ፓ ፓ ፓ ስ ወጥ ንድ ንድ ንድ ንድ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ሪስ ጋር ብል ጋር ሩ ሩ ሩ ሩ ብል

The pair have had a number of recent battles, including last year’s winner of the 2019 Championship Tsitsipas in London.

But the race went on in Rublev’s way, especially with his hand in the first set, which gave him an impressive display of service and raised his hand to increase his chances of advancing to the semi-finals.

“The key to good service is always the key,” said Rublev. But it was not the only service. I come back very angry, I was really aggressive from the start line. I played well today and I am happy.

I think these are the times to practice, to live, to be here and to enjoy this atmosphere, to play the best tennis and to have fun with the spectators. I have done my best today and I am happy.

Tsitsipas declined to comment on his qualifications, but said: “I am very happy. I still want to play good tennis and even if I lose today they will give me more chances. I want to show better tennis next time.

Meanwhile, in the ATP final, Britain’s Joe Salisbury won the British Open with a victory over Jamie Maree.

This is the first time two British duo have competed in one of the top eight teams of the year, with Salisbury meeting Rajev Ram of the United States and Murray of Bruno Sores of Brazil.

The couple faced each other in their first group game, and Salisbury and Ram finished first for the third time this year.

Previously, they met in the Australian Open semi-finals and the US Open final, and here Salisbury and Ram won 6-1 7-6 (5) 6-1 7-6 (5).

Murray quit twice in the opening game, but the second was very tight, with both teams missing chances in the future.

Ram and Salisbury lead the group, with Ram’s second-half victory coming in second place.