Selinsgrov – Three like-minded entrepreneurs plan to open a gymnasium. No one knows if they will be in business together.

That’s it. Stack’D Fitness Created, and how the Valley now has a completely unique fitness experience. Bungee Fitness.

Jatoya Troman, Stephanie Keith, and Erika Amato are looking for a place to rent a business. After looking at the three, Fate saw the forces merging, 513 N. Market St., Suite D, Selinsgrove. Stack’d Fit now opens on November 1.

Troman is a bodybuilder. Kit Coach Box. Amato is a physical therapist. The three had to decide what Stack’d would offer.

“We all had very different concepts about what we wanted,” Keith said.

Eventually, they settled on a very different concept.

All three learned Bunge Fitness And certified with Stack’D coach Cairo Trotor. To their knowledge, he is the third Bunji fitness gym in all of Pennsylvania.

The concept is based on body weight, strength and resistance. Thick bungee cords connect to the roof rails and fasten to the harnesses, allowing users to move freely for cardio, aerobics, strength training, fitness and full-body workouts.

Lungs. Run there. Throw the squash into the push-up. Skip. Put it all together against the Bunji protests. In basic exercises, running increases the heart rate, engages the muscles, and ensures that the concept is not gymnastic.

Choreography changes every day. Daily activities range from high intensity interval training (HIIT) to yoga to dance and stretching.

“I felt it was something very different,” Amato said. “I really like the low impact on the joints. It’s a great option for people who want something different.

“You don’t go in and do the same thing twice.

They are Bungees The whole section With Stack’D Fit, and every workout, gym-users don’t attach a “mission impossible” type to the roof.

The gym includes free weights and other popular equipment.

There are HIIT practices and circuit trainings, mobility classes, real-time Thai boxing classes, one-on-one personal training and weekly youth fitness classes.

Fitness levels vary and beginners are welcome. Class times also vary for pre- and post-workout exercises. Each room allows time to warm up, work, cool down and discuss. Stack’D seems to be building a community among its members. Get the full schedule and more at

Jim also has an active Facebook page. @StackDFit.

Trooper’s Speed, Efficiency, and Skill Daily Stack’D Fit will be the next big thing. He expects more basketball and soccer players to participate.

Monthly Membership Price includes $ 125 and unlimited parts. A full year commitment is a little cheaper. There is a package for online training. For a single class for $ 15, enter the same cost for a youth class, or buy a package of pop-ups totaling $ 150 for 12 classes. An online subscription for pop-ins is guaranteed an entry guarantee. Contact Stack’D Fit for information on personal training.

“It’s not just for women,” says Keith. “Our program is designed to produce the best possible results. If you want to lift and push your body, if you want to relax, this is the place to come.

“You don’t have to be on the right track. We will adjust everything to your level.