St. Louis fitness competitor helping women in Guatemala through nonprofit

“Everyone is interested. Everyone has goals. Returning and giving hope to someone else – this is the best thing that can happen,” said Juliet Bagwell.

Fenton, mo. – Fitness competitor Juliet Bagwell trains in a small gym in Fenton. While working there to help shape her body, she is helping to shape a community about 3,000 miles away.

She is emotionally driven.

“Once I feel it, it becomes part of me and then I go,” she told 5 next to you.

When she trains, she is emotionally drained.

“You can’t reach your goal,” she said.

She achieved her goal of becoming an A in October. World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Pro. She called it a disgrace.

The race was great, but it did not save her from any other desire.

“It’s very difficult to pursue both dreams at the same time,” she said.

Her dream is to do good to others.

“My grandfather served as a pastor for 73 years and I have a big heart like him,” she said.

While she was training to become a WFBB professional, her heart went out to the people of Guatemala.

“Every time I go there, I get anxious because they are my family. They have become my family. ”

The families you go to need help.

“They have nothing,” she said.

Bagwell is the vice president of the charity. El Saliter Women’s and Children’s Center. They are teaching women how to support their families.

“Most of them are single and single mothers,” she said.

The organization is currently assisting five women and hopes to assist 25 in the future.

Fitness can be considered a self-centered sport because people spend hours working on it all at once. But Bagwell says it is important to use her time to improve the lives of women in Guatemala.

“If something is important, you take the time and you make it work and you don’t leave it to yourself or other people who trust you,” she told me.

She is passionate about her commitment.

“Everyone has interests. Everyone has goals. Going back and giving hope to someone else – that’s the best thing,” she said.

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