The Live Well Wellness Fitness and Health Center opened earlier this year in a new 3,600-square-foot building, but the gym at 661 County Road 120, St. Johnville, has begun in a much smaller area.

“I started doing group fitness classes in the garage,” said Kelly Dakontas, the wife. “I started with three or four girls and it grew a lot. After a while I was doing six or seven classes a week and I had to grow the space.

After failing in two possible locations in Dolgeville, she and her husband, Justin, decided to buy a place near their home and build a new fitness center.

“We bought the land in May 2020,” said Kelly Dakontas.

Family members rated the property, and the Amish task force built a pillar-like structure. Her husband, a physics and chemistry teacher at Dolgeville, said she had “learned a lot about carpentry.” He still understands the work behind the scenes in the center.

The building is sealed and has toilets and showers, she said. High ceilings and open spaces allow for better ventilation, while a garage door on one side opens in the summer to provide more air circulation. The proximity of Dakontas’ house allowed them to walk from their own well to the fitness center.

A women's group is participating in the Live Well Fitness and Wellness Center in St. Johnsville.

“It was not the right time to quit my job at my small waterfall clinic for 13 years,” she said. Pandemic-19 epidemic. After planning this for some time, she and her husband decided to move on. “I had to pray that this (epidemic) would not last forever.