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SQUATZ – More growth than expected!

SQUATZ ($ 16 million in advance) announced the launch of its new collection campaign on StarEngine on Monday.

We have a team of experienced technicians, developers and innovators at Harvard University who have built two companies with over $ 170 million in sales.

– Jeremiah Brach – Co-Founder and COO

Brooklyn, New York, United States, November 1, 2021 / – SQUATZ QUALITY StarEngine announced the launch of its new campaign on Monday. As a result, the National Fitness Company is now offering a unique opportunity for both users and non-users to become real shareholders of the company – it currently has a $ 16 million down payment.

Squatz Fitness is a platform that instantly connects fitness trainers and fitness seekers – enabling them to train anywhere, both physically and emotionally. Our software allows fitness trainers to use their free time and easily market their services to anyone who needs help to achieve new skills, motivation and fitness goals, ”said David Crowley, co-founder and CEO.

“Our company is growing rapidly.” Squatz has gained organic users in more than 12 countries and is our first year with 87% user growth. “Because our company’s business model and structure is focused on an 80% profit margin and the number of users in the network is growing,” Breach said.

Squatz Company It is currently in rapid development, and unlike new companies, the new opportunity to raise money for individual investors has encouraged the founding team. “It’s an opportunity to expand our operations and our company to the users we serve and to the wider community,” Brach said.

Speaking at the UN Information Forum last month, Scoutz said that private and public organizations are helping to prevent information abuse and human trafficking. This month, Squatz announced the launch of a new national corporate security program aimed at meeting the needs of the film and television industry. In response to the possible IATSE strike nationwide, the Scout has developed a Physical and Mental Safety Partnership Program to meet the unique needs of the film industry. The health program provides staff and flight attendants with on-site and virtual health resources (including fitness trainers, mental health professionals, nutritionists, guided meditation seminars, and more). Employees can access these services when they are away from work or away.

Through StarEngine, individual investors can purchase real Squatz shares starting at $ 2.00 per share. In addition, Squatz fitness products (weight training equipment, gym supplies, and technology-based training gear) have recently been released for national release.

“We are very happy that we are at this stage and that we have promoted Scout to an amazing career,” said Jeremiah Brach.

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