The owner of Springfield Fitness Studios has become an Internet sensation by posting fitness videos online during the Covd-19 epidemic.

Jamie Kinkede, who runs a studio on West Republican Road, has more than one million viewing videos on YouTube.

Before she opened the studio, Kinkede, who taught Zumba classes at an elementary school gymnasium, said her online success was unexpected.

Kinkede said she started posting her high-intensity fitness videos online in early 2020 because she continued to sell in-person tutorials and wanted to provide another way for her clients to participate.

Jamie Kinkede in 1440 W. Republic Rd

“I had to do classes online a year and a half ago because people come from different states or other Missouri, but we used to sell,” Kinkeade said.

Later that year, with the advent of COVID-19 and the closure of gyms across the country, people began looking for a variety of virtual fitness options and relying on Kinkede videos.