Austin-based fitness startup Ladder The company announced on Tuesday that it has raised $ 6.5 million.

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Ladder is a strength training application for users who want the planned sports, coaching structure and social aspect at no cost to one person.

The idea of ​​a ladder was put together in the first quarter of 2020 before the outbreak of the CVD-19 epidemic. Greg Stuart He spoke in an interview. At the time, the company was targeting millions of gym members.

Connected exercise has become popular – especially in the last two years – but most of the options are focused on regular exercise, not results, Stuart said. Consumers still have to figure out their path in the gym or know what to do, depending on the equipment on them.

“We have repeatedly noticed that many of those who have been able to stay consistent over the long term are working with a personal trainer,” Stuart said. “It’s good if you can and your schedule is in line with the coach,” he said.

A personal trainer provides clients with the benefits of tailored workouts, coaching and social media and accountability benefits. So the ladder was set up to achieve those same goals through the app.

When consumers sign up for a ladder, they complete a series of questions about their fitness experience and programming skills. Then, Ladder recommends three programs in the app. Those programs include weekly prescribed daily activities.

“It’s designed to make you feel like a coach,” Stuart said. “You are being told what to do every day.”

Users join a coach-led team and each week the ladder offers weekly workouts. If the user’s purpose is changed, he can switch to a different group or program.

Ladder also includes the social side of personal training with a forum for members to discuss exercise, exchange recipes and interact with each other.

Ladder has 15 employees and is used to grow the seed fund group and develop new programs. The company has seven existing programs and will launch a few in January. Users can start a free trial before paying a monthly fee (monthly subscription is $ 59 per month, but users can opt for $ 49 per month or $ 39 per month for three or six months membership).

The company declined to disclose the total amount or review. In terms of growth, Stuart said the user base is expanding and has added thousands of members to the app since the launch of Ladder in July 2020.

“We’ve built a solution with our coaches that will make us competitive and convincing wherever the consumer works,” Stuart said.

LivWell Ventures He led the round of participation. Keller Capital, Formerly Bazaarvois General Manager Brett hurt, NFL wide receiver Danny Amandola, and Athletic Brewing General Manager Bill Shuffelt.

“Fitness is changing, and consumers are becoming more mobile than ever when they exercise,” says Founder Ventures founder. Dos Cunningham He said by email. “As a strength-focused mobile-first product, we seem to be well on the way to becoming a fitness and broader health industry.”

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