Brian Slater and Marjo Catalano live in “Berter and Marjo In The Morning” 95.9 outside Pittsfield, MA in Berkshire County.

All he had to do was tell his friend Massachusetts National Guard Staff Sergeant Pliny J. Army Battle Fitness Test, And are busy.

Slater, 41, and Catalan, 37, were arraigned on Friday at the Vine Hebert National Guard in Pittsfield.

Basically, the tests that the soldiers take after the boot camp are to see if they are physically fit for the war. Existing soldiers must take this test twice a year.

This test is a physical measure to test each soldier’s ability to perform in combat.

Six different challenges

Let me explain to them in their speech:


Your maximum weight has died three times. Results below.


Marjo: 235 LBS

2. Disposable power supply

How much can you throw ten kilograms of medicine on your shoulder? Results below.


Mario pick 22.5 FT.

3. Manual release pressure-UPS

How much can you do in 2 minutes? Results below.


Mario Thi 30

4. SPRINT, drag, carry

Running, pulling weights, running with kettlebells, side swings less than 3 minutes.

SLATER: 2:00

Mario Tw 2 ፡ 12

5. Leg brace or plank

Pull your elbows to your knees or at least a two-minute plank. Results below.

SLATER: Complete 1.5 foot embedding

Marjo Pred finished 2 minutes Plank

6. He runs two miles in less than 21 minutes

The last of the six exercises. Results below.

SLATER: 16:57

Mario Weed 17 ፡ 36 36

It was great to know that we could pass the ACFT, which is more than Slater, our favorite exercise.

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