A fitness instructor told a woman that she was “too fat” to be a good coach.

Zara Groves, the woman who saw the 51-year-old, was upset when she heard why she had decided not to register with her.

Zara, from Llandudno, running Zara Groves Fitness And she has worked in countries around the world for over 20 years, much to her surprise.

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Zara He told NorthWalesLive. She says: “I was shocked when my friend told me that she was upset.

“The woman knew everything about me and I was going to sign up for an online course, but when she saw my picture on social media, she immediately dismissed me, and because of this I could not, ‘I can’t be a good coach.’

The next day, Zara decided to post a photo of herself on Facebook.

Zara Groves from Llandudno was sentenced to be ‘too fat’ to become a fitness instructor.

That was not only a bold step but also a wise one because so many people signed up for her courses. Female fitness trainers have spoken to her about the same thing.

“In my ~ Facebook “I’m clear I know I’m not obese, I’m just 12’s no obese,” said Zara.

“I may have gained weight since I was 20 but now I am 51 years old and I am menstruating.

She continues: “I am amazed at how cruel and how cruel people can be.

“I’m sure in my body, I’m true, but I know some young fitness trainers, I know how they feel about being hanged because someone is hanging out like fat that doesn’t go to them.

Zara Groves has worked as a fitness instructor around the world for the past 20 years.
Zara Groves has worked as a fitness instructor around the world for the past 20 years.

“Some have spoken to me about the same thing that happened to them and how it made them feel so frustrated.

“I think people have a very unrealistic view of what women and fitness trainers should look like. Some people think we should all be like birds.”

Zara He added: “Just because I am not a stick does not mean I am not a good coach, I know I am in business 20 years later.

“And the thing is with me. I keep it very real and natural. I don’t have botoxes, fillers, fake breasts or boobs. Other teachers do that even though they are in their 20s. It’s important for me to try and keep it.

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