Gymnastics is impossible, and it has been Simon Bills24 years in the world. After two Olympics and A seven-week tour of the countryShe intends to press for a moment – as she should. POPSUGAR sits with Bills and teammate Jordan Chiles To discuss on December 4 American Tour Streaming Event Over Gold, Bills’ immediate expectation is “to take a step out of the gym world.” [and] Accept who I am “

What will she do after the tour? “The holidays are definitely over,” Bills said. “Have fun, spend that good time with my friends, my family. I go on vacation with my family. Everyone is always in a hurry to find out what’s next. Like ‘live now, accept that before things happen. So we will definitely see. “

It was Bill. Studying online business with People University in 2018But she said a degree is not in her cards. She is not sure what kind of interests she wants to have other than to focus on her partnership – Cerebral And AthleteFor example – and finally work for profit Children in foster care. “I feel good at gymnastics and collecting my dogs,” she said. (For the record, you can Follow her dogs on Instagram.)

This unplanned plan is a relief to our eyes. Believe it or not, Bills is considered old-fashioned for a female gymnast. At what talent and time does that window of opportunity fit right for success? Well, that stays open, and she owes a debt of gratitude to her for her work. A.D. Take a look at her eight-year winning streak at the 2021 U.S. Olympic Games Four activities named after her Also make history Yurchenko Double Pike, And a handful of records Many medals in the history of world championships And a Meet Shannon Miller to win top Olympic medals Of any American gymnastics. And one of the greatest things she has ever done is to know for herself that she will not be able to do it without being mentally injured. it is. What happened at the Tokyo Games With her case this summer. “Perverts. “

Mental retardation, such as perversion, is usually temporary, but the damage done to the sport is a deep, gradual scar – true survivors Ali Riceman and McKeela Maroni told the Senate Judiciary Committee in September. Larry Nassar’s investigation into the FBI’s misconduct. In recent years, Bills has been the only known gymnast to accuse Nasser of wrongdoing, and this is a huge burden. As she said TodayBelly button Last spring, he said, “I think if there were no survivors in the sport, they would have just thrown it aside.”

None of us can comprehend the dark side of her decades of experience as a gymnast, let alone in terms of success. Think about it, they repeat the struggles both inside and outside the sport twice in private and in public. That is why there is no proper plan at the moment to make her breathe. It’s too late.

Will Simon Bills compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics?

The answer to this must be determined. as if End of Biles Facebook Watch DocumentsCoach Cecil Cancetew-Landy reads articles exchanged between her and her gymnast after the credit was copied Bills may want to give it a try for Paris 2024. However, she told POPSUGAR that her options were open. “Going back to the gym and deciding two more years is still a lot. And if it were four years, [have] Probably vv. But, shooting, it’s November. [2021], And [Paris 2024] Not so far away. So I think that’s all there is to it. ” She has to decide whether she will compete in all four events or become a specialist.

While It is not clear when you will retire., Bills recently Speak up We weekly The whole thing is in her mind. She called on young athletes from Nassar – USA Gymnastics and the FBI – to “help those who are trying to get rid of the big waste fire that we are trying to avoid and the mental retardation that we are trying to avoid. Health can be healthy.” She says she needs to control her twists and turns. “But at the end of the day, if it costs me my peace, I’ll go.

Jordan Chiles and Simon Bills predict each other’s future.

POPSUGAR was curious about where Chile and Bills would meet over the next five years. Chiles said of her partner and friend: “At least you are getting married. I see you are a business woman. I have seen you encourage others to be better in different ways in the world of gymnastics and gymnastics.

“I have seen Jordan do a lot for the college world, but he is still a star there,” he said. Chiles is heading to UCLA, and she is there. He studies business And compete for the school’s stellar gymnastics team. “Outside of college, she probably has a little boyfriend at UCLA,” Bills said with a smile. “Maybe a football player, I could see that, and he’s getting rich.” They are showing a bright future, and we are all in it.