A Fitness Influencer She burst into tears after being forced to deny her videos Photoshop. See below

Chloe Roberts, from MelbourneAustralia recently shared a video on her Instagram account showing her doing some weights in the gym.

However, one clip caught the attention of Celeb Spellcheck, who changed the video to Chloe, pulling her waist up and making her look thinner – which is not uncommon for many Instagram influencers.

Of course, the 21-year-old’s ‘failure’ has led to a flurry of social media scandals.

However, because she wanted to straighten out the record, Chloe posted a video of her story, saying that the photoshop problem in her stories was actually an iPhone problem, which changed her attitude, and she had a slightly lower back.

Credit on Instagram/@chloe.roberts_

She said:

“I have no reason to photograph my waist. I have worked hard on my body.

“I’m standing here showing my waist. I don’t need to be dragged. The truth is. I’m really upset that people think so.”

In another video, Chloe sees the video and becomes very emotional after seeing what others have written about her.

“My phone did this to me … and it switches cameras and then magnifies – I don’t know why he did it on my video,” she said.

“If I had known or seen it from a distance, I would not have posted it.”

Credit on Instagram/@chloe.roberts_
Credit on Instagram/@chloe.roberts_

“I post everything quickly on my social media, I don’t even notice these things and I get very upset when someone tries to criticize me.”

“I’m really worried about this because it’s something I’ve worked hard for.

“I don’t edit my body and I never do it. When people do that, it puts me at risk.

Celeb Spellcheck has since deleted his post about Chloe.

Well, Chloe, who is accused of editing and editing her photos and videos, does not seem to be the only Instagram influence.

But despite all the ridicule, she refused to take pictures, saying that everyone would adjust their photo so as not to embarrass her.