Amy Riggins, Superintendent of Shawni City Entertainment.

Good morning Shawani! Fall finally feels like it really is here! Yes, we have a cold warmer and the colors in the trees are changing! Can you say I love failure? What a wonderful time!

Senior Recreation Center hopes to host the Flu Flu Shot Clinic, but has so far failed to deliver due to supply and delivery challenges. However, we still encourage you to get the flu vaccine, and you can do it at any local pharmacy. Just call them directly and see if you need an appointment, if you can log in or go to the drive login window. Each pharmacy is treated differently.

Influenza vaccines are available by appointment or drive by the Potato County Health Department. To check your time or for more information, call the Health Department at 405-273-2157.

We offer 14 fitness classes each week for free for individuals 55+ years old. Thank you for the Title III grant funded by the Central Oklahoma Economic Development District (COEDD). For a complete fitness education program, please refer to our monthly calendar or call us at 405-878-1528. You can also email me at for an electronic copy

Next Healthy Wednesday Our focus will be on the Senior Rec Center at Centric Hospice on Wednesday, November 10, at 11:00 a.m. Century Hospice “Hospice Care and Benefits. Hospice care can be provided and the benefits of their services. Welcome everyone!

Wednesday, November 10 is also our birthday! If you happen to have a birthday in November, stop by to add your name to the November birthday poster and get some free snacks!

We close on Thursday, November 11 in honor of Patriots Day. The community center at 804 S. Park still offers their project heart food on the day. Call 405-275-4530 for more information about the Project Cardiology Program.

Then, Friday, November 12, for our regular business hours from 8:00 am to 5 pm This Friday is Bingo Day from 1:00 pm on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at Senior Rick Center Bingo.

Check out our technology education program for a variety of topics this month! Let us know if you would like to participate in one of these free classes. Or if you need some personalized time, you can sign up for a 1-in-1 appointment for technology. We also have several craft classes in November. Call us at 405-878-1528 for more information.

Remember we usually offer free programs and events to individuals over 55+ each week. From Monday to Friday from 8 00 00 to 5 00 00 00 we will be open all day with free coffee and tea! Join us for billiards, games, picks, music, dance, crafts and more. See our Activity Calendar for more details or call us at 405-878-1528.

If you are listening to the radio, you can listen to Shawnee Senior Happenings on KGFF on “Mike in the Morning Show” on 100.9 FM or 1450 AM every Wednesday morning at 8 35 35. . Thank you Mike, KGFF and CPN Nation for their continued support!

Stay active and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you at the center!

Amy Riggins is the superintendent of the Shawani City Entertainment Institute, which manages a variety of facilities, events and programs.

This article first appeared on the Shawnee News-Star Shawny Senior Events Free Free Fitness Classes and more.