Samsung The Samsung Health app seems to be on an unusual mission to reduce as much fear as possible, with the latest release being a free fitness videos record to help people stay active.

Now, technically, Samsung has started reducing features over the past year, surprisingly eliminating the weights, diet and caffeine trail that many users rely on. Certainly, there were better apps for it — the Fitbit app was the most popular among fitness owners, and so was MyFitnessPal. But there was a time when Samsung Health really stopped being ecological.

However, one of the best things about Samsung Health (and Apple Health, for that matter) is that you can take care of most of your fitness needs in one organized place instead of jumping between apps.

And so far, it has included a series of fitness videos provided by Samsung Health that many users enjoy keeping fit at home. The videos include Echelon,, 300FIT, BlessLife, Keep and Skimble.

The change was first seen SamobileAll fitness videos in South Korea suddenly disappeared from Samsung Health on Wednesday. Leaving consumers in the lurch is no less confusing, and the change may eventually lead to other world markets and to us. The elimination of food poisoning began in Germany just last year, but has spread rapidly around the world.

This will definitely be frustrating for anyone who relies on Samsung Health to follow the free training programs offered in their fitness room.

The South Korean user, who first reported the cancellation, said he had been enjoying Samsung Health for three years, and said he was shocked to find them missing one morning. The Samsung moderator, who spoke to Support, told him that the videos were simply “discontinued” and that they should be searched on YouTube instead.

It should not be too difficult for most users to switch to YouTube, but most of the creators at Samsung Health are also very active on YouTube and there are a lot of free fitness classes out there, with thousands of different creators.