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After a long and stressful day, you finish your watch and all you have to do is go out and play. call of Duty. But you also know that as a responsible adult you have to squeeze in some exercise before dinner. Unfortunately, your doing Fitness The joy of daily activities is not always easy. Enter active video games AVGs, as the name implies, often require getting up from the couch to play them.

Anyone who spends bowling or swearing on their waist will lick them Guitar Hero ax may tell you that this is not a new concept. But the games and the technologies you play with them have improved dramatically over the last few years. In the meantime, much more. Research To help secure investments in Nintendo Switch, Oculus VR headset or more Exercise Tools that contain ingredients Game As part of your fitness plan. Long-term coaches have also begun to accept the benefits of turning physical activity into a physical activity.

“You have to get where people are. If you are playing a video game [anyway]Doing so is a good result as you strengthen your cardiovascular health or develop your muscles, ”said Justin Norris, CEO of the company. LIT methodJay-Zine considers investor. “We are not one-sided creatures. I love sports and I love exercise. I see no reason why those who want to combine the two benefits should not be confused with the opportunity to stay longer in the traditional game experience.

The trend works the opposite. More traditional gymnasiums, machines and gymnastics are using play-related elements to get people on the mat. “It seems to have a very positive effect on getting customers rewarded for prizes, milestones, and more [them] To continue and increase frequency, ”Norris says.

So how do you know what to do to help break the sweat? When choosing which games or equipment to add to your workout, Norris said, “Practice multiplayer games, practice training that promotes a muscle group that does not overwork and promotes a culture of overuse and injury. [using] The place around you “

Although EVGs are a great way to increase your heart rate and fitness tracker, Norris suggests that they may not completely shape you. It says, “You have to change. It’s a system of general football consistency and change.” But [don’t] Delivering your body’s true traumatic memories, cravings and weaknesses. Have different goals each day, have different results at the end of the day, and relax. Nothing for you. And no matter what game, platform, sport or technology is being used, [it] It must be rewarding from the inside out.

What are the best consoles, gadgets and games for exercise?

Check out these forums and games as you get ready to rate your fitness.

1. Oculus Mission 2

Courtesy of Oculus

There are many virtual reality headphones on the market, but Oculus is a great place to start your VR journey. It is a very pleasant and sweaty home. They beat Saber.As players cut through colorful boxes with light and deviate from obstacles. Upgrade the soundtrack soon Billie Eilish Pack Or of Skrillex package.

The Facebook-owned headset has a nice variety of games. Enter the mountains To go out, Play tennis or basketball with a golf club Sports debate, Box as Michael B. In Jordan The creed rose to gloryOr shake your prey Dance Central.

There may be more traditional training practices. Holofit Or Supernatural. The latter requires a monthly / annual subscription to reach the Coach-Leader Boxing, Sessions of meditation and meditation. New boxing, HIIT and dance classes are required for daily subscription FitXRImpressive by artists such as Calvin Harris and Theisto. There is also a collection of cool and meditation apps (Nature Trips VR, Tripp).

Oculus Move is a built-in fitness tracker that allows users to keep track of calories and exercise minutes, set fitness goals, and track progress over time. The company has announced the launch of Active Accessories next year to enhance the experience.

Oculus Mission 2
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$ 299 +

2. Switch Nintendo


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Video games have long been a huge tool for professionals. The converter picks up the Wii from where it left off and in some ways improves the game experience, such as mobility.

There is something for all your family members and fitness levels. You will find a wide range of AVG types, including sports games (Fast sports franchise), heart-heavy exercise, name-brand fitness programs such as ZumbaRhythm games featuring your favorite artists (Jump dance Series, Fitness Box 2), Competitive mini-games (1-2-SwitchProducts that combine popular Nintendo titles (Mario Tennis Aces) And more traditional role-playing games with added elements.

The difference of the game is that you can get easy exercise options as well as AVGs with strong breathing and sweat buckets. Even some of their regular games are being implemented, with the goal of getting people moving. For example, the free November 5 update b Animal crossing Increases group stretching sessions.

The room can be played on a TV screen or on the table with free hands and makes it easy to use as a traveling gym in your hotel room. The OLED model is the latest iteration and has a 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable dock, a wired LAN port dock, 64GB internal storage and enhanced audio.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model
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$ 350

Nintendo Switch Lite
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$ 303.00

3. Ring Fitness Adventure Bundle of games and accessories


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If you invest in just one AVG, make this Nintendo fitness lineup a success. The package comes with the game and Ring-Con and accessories.

Plug a removable joystick from your switch unit into accessories and monitor your movements. Once prepared, there are many ways to burn calories. There is an imaginary adventure game with over 100 levels that can be used to walk, run, run, or climb stairs and defeat enemies using exercises such as shoulder compression and leg lifting.

Quick Play allows players to create specific muscle groups, practice timed exercises, and play mini-games that encourage 12 movements.

Ring Fitness Adventure
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4. To switch Aottom jump rope accessory


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Nintendo has released. Skip the rope test To help comfort consumers stay indoors during an outbreak. It’s easy to cheat – you just do your childhood hobbies with Joy-Con supervisors – and they show off a cute rabbit mask. If you want to take the challenge seriously, get this adjustable polyester accessory from a third-party company, which will turn the test into something real.

Aottom Switch Jump Cable
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$ 12.99

5. Hidden Core Coach


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Everyone knows that clapping is a powerful exercise that helps to strengthen the core muscles, relieve constipation and increase stability. But as you know, most things are good for you. This head coach aims to change that in less than three minutes a day. Stealth’s platform, which supports up to ፓ 300 and works with all smartphones currently on the market, rotates 360 degrees and makes all of that twist and turn more flexible. In fact, they claim that our editors tested it and unknowingly helped them to hold on to the board more than ever.

To use it, simply place your phone on the top of the board and hold your plank. Once you use the app, your body and core become joystick when you play the game. The free app comes with four gamesSpeed ​​slide, Space Escape, Color Chase, And Galaxy Adventure). It also includes a real-time global leaderboard, monitors your daily progress and can be used to create personal challenges with friends. The updated edition updates new games every month.

Hidden Core Coach
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$ 129.00

6. Liteboxer


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This A well-known boxing system Provides hard Dance Revolution Tremble, but use your hands to hit targets rather than your feet. Although it may seem like a traditional exercise tool, it provides gameplay techniques (flashing lights, stunning music, rhythmic sequences and imagery on the screen) to keep you motivated and sweaty.

Both the free standing version is platform-based and the newer, more compact Wall mounted room Provides more than 200 LED lights and built-in sensors and technology to count, monitor and measure each Japanese. There is a pad for top cuts. Choose a song from the library – rock, rap, pop and EDM hits – and follow the icon to hit the beat. There are trainers-led exercises that combine stretching, cardio and boxing, sparring sessions, warm-ups and classes.

Many focus on body contouring or use color-coordinated protective bands. (The bands are attached to the D-ring at the bottom of the room.) The set includes five bands with a capacity of 10 to 30 pounds, door handles and ankle straps. Note: Liteboxer Early Black Friday sales $ 400 lost from each machine, error, lost.

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$ 1,495 +

Your workout is an invaluable boxing resistance band

Courtesy of Liteboxer

Set Liteboxer Resistance Bands
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$ 49