Well, at least you didn’t go down without explaining yourself first. Do you like to dress?

Do I like to dress? Yes, like a pirate? [Laughs] No – absolutely, completely! I appreciate the variety. It is difficult not to like these things. And the quality of the things is good.

I recently spoke to a person who has lost his sense of smell. So they asked me to describe my perfume, and I did not have the language to handle it properly. Do you now have a list of words to say in a more sophisticated way about scent?

No, I do not think I can speak fluently. [Laughs] I can do it at the parish level. I really, like everyone else, associate memory with fragrance. And then I continue the clock and my life; It is not something I analyze. Personally, I have strong memories of burnt wood. It’s just my story. Growing up in San Diego, we went to the beach every Friday night, so it was a memory that I associated with perfume. You are hearing the way. [perfumer Aurélien Guichard] Think about it and that burnt cedar is an inspiration to him ሂደት The process of making it and the disease of remembering it is unthinkable. He was inspired by the lightning-struck tree and the scent that followed. That is a beautiful image for me.

So, since your strongest memories are of firewood, does the Burberry hero smell like yours?

do not know. Yes, I guess? [Laughs] This is what I want everyone to get out of. [Laughs] I do not know if I can answer, but I do not think that I am putting an unnatural foreign object on top of it. I did not participate in the project. We are not in contact with Ricardo. [Tisci]. I did not say. Can you make me a little smaller? And a little more…

He made the right place to match. I can honestly say that. I feel that he is invisible and that I can communicate with him. I do not feel alienated or really far from myself. But I do not want to intimidate people into thinking that sweat is cheap, wholesale, and widespread.

I mean, I don’t think it’s scary, but I’ll take your point.

[Laughs] Thank you.

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