Following the demand for indoor fitness at the time of the outbreak, Retro Fitness created the Retro Fitness COBRA in response to changing membership needs. Consumers nationwide can buy A. Retro Fitness COBRA bike Achieving their fitness goals physically and emotionally includes access to the latest gym membership and unlimited club resources for any retro workout. Retro Fitness COBRA is making exercise fun, interactive and versatile.

Retro Fitness COBRA Program

  • from $ 73.00 For the full package per month includes the following
    • The ultimate gym membership for any retro fitness areas
    • Retro Fitness COBRA stationary bike
    • White glove presentation in any room in your home
    • Unlimited access to virtual bike rooms led by Retro Fitness trainers
    • Payment options are available from Clalarna, Leading International Retail Bank, Payments and Marketing Service

“While here at Home Fitness, there is decades of data that shows that Home Fitness is just not enough because it can be isolated and lonely. Andrew AlfanoRetro Fitness CEO. “With the launch of our Retro Fitness COBRA, we are now bringing the best of both worlds to users with high-value, low-cost, in-house experience and 3 years of ultimate gym membership.”

Launched for the first time in homes across the United States, the high-end Retro Fitness COBRA, in partnership with Core Health & Fitness (Core), the only fitness partner, provides members with flawless exercise experience from home to the gym.

“Core is proud to be a partner of Retro Fitness and is proud to support their new and innovative hybrid membership model with JB Hunt, an experienced team of commercial equipment,” he said. Ashley Torn., Product Director – Group Cycles and Sustainability.

To bring more comfort to members, Retro Fitness has partnered with Klarna to enable its customers to distribute their purchases at four interest-free rates.

Details are available when requested.

For more information and to pre-order a Retro Fitness COBRA bike, please visit

About Retro Fitness
Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Retro Fitness is the premier national fitness franchise that is open or under development in more than 120 gyms across the country. With a new executive leadership team led by a former Starbucks senior executive Andrew Alfano, Retro Fitness provides easy-to-access key and practical solutions for all world-class support services, including real estate site selection, training, marketing and operations.

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