During her years of training, she is proud of herself and of her instincts. This is her deepest source of pride, despite her relationship with her horses and the opinions of others.

Rebekah said:

“When people talk about their great achievements, they often say that they have won the most difficult competitions in the world or that they have won prestigious competitions. I did both and although, yes, it’s amazing, it’s not the only thing that makes me proud.

“I have horses, and he tells me to give up because I think they don’t have what it takes, or because of behavioral issues, etc. But I always believe in instinct and I still have awards. That is to say.

“I was told that one of my beauties had spent my time and money with her a few months before she finished fourth in the Spanish Championship, 160 km away. She is not an easy parent but I always knew she had the quality and love to run and it was a proud time to see her prove her point. Having said that, for me Trudy is about the journey, not the end result, and if you can enjoy it, you are already winning.

Staying good at the sport of interest

We asked Rebekah what steps she would take to ensure that she performed at a high level year after year.

“Spending long hours in the saddle, driving in different places can cause a lot of stress on your body.

“As a teenager I was fortunate enough to play a lot of sports and so I was lucky to be able to find great coaches and trainers who have developed the importance of taking care of your body through various trainings, stretching and nutrition.”

She added.

Although I do ride many days a week, I like to run, hike in the mountains, and do some resistance training later. Strengthening and stretching should not be for long. While watching my favorite series, I usually take out my yoga mat and do it for about 20 minutes. You will definitely feel the benefits of having only three or more short sessions a week.

“I have seen a lot of back problems and strong and painful joints in our sport.

“Although I look weak, I am fortunate enough to have avoided serious problems. Narrow hips and tension in my shoulders If it does not fluctuate in strength and elastic training.

“In my personal opinion, I think in any horse discipline, stress and muscle cramps are not the strength and relaxation, but the biggest failure.”

Everyone has their own set of weaknesses, and Rebekah focuses on these areas.

  • Strength and elastic movements
  • Using breathing techniques to relax
  • Occasional massage

She said: “All of this has helped my body meet the needs of this sport and become a very useful and effective partner for the horse.”

Supporting sustainable work

That is an amazing insight from Rebecca! Inspired by this story, for those of you who want to take care of your body at home and support sustainable work, we have collected some of our favorite resources below.

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Consider Rebekah if you would like to include breathing exercises or meditation in your training Video Designed specifically for riders who want to get started with these practices.

Finally, here’s an easy way to get started. Strength training system, A fun room you can do in the comfort of your own home or even in the barn.