The team conducts one-hour strength training to be broadcast live worldwide.

Pulman Hotels & Resorts has invited fitness enthusiasts from around the world in a spectacular effort to set Guinness World Records. A.D. On November 13, 2021, as part of the Dubai Fitness Test, the Pulman Power Fitness Team Ambassadors will meet on the panoramic roof of Pulman Dubai Downtown. Behind the night skyline and the spectacular Burj Khalifa, the team will conduct an hour-long strength training, which will be broadcast live on the Las Mills YouTube channel worldwide. The live broadcast aims to attract more than 13,000 participants and kicks off at 7pm Dubai time – the current world record.

“He is a great player at Pulman. We believe the records have been broken. We are going beyond our limits to keep guests at the top. “We have a lot of fun together,” said Kishan Chandani, Global Brand Management, Premium Brands, and Vice President.

“Our mission is to create a suitable planet, so we are breaking a new world record for the imaginary fitness class with Pulman’s bold and ambitious plan. Our collaborative live streams make people feel at home and we love the idea of ​​bringing people from all over the world together, smiling together and being part of something big. ”Mills Middle East.

“This global live streaming event is invited to collaborate on a world-class fitness history, and with the encouragement of many of our participants, Acor and our partners have graced the pot to break the sweat of joy. And Hypers, to fully engage our guests and encourage them to take the time and space to unleash their potential. ”