UTICA – Apprentice Cerebral Palsy from Edwin J. Funded by the Woods Foundation. Apesate Cerebral Palsy offers fitness programs for children with I / DD who are receiving services through the agency.

The fund is funded by the New Fitness Mill 1707 Oriscani St. West in partnership with Carbon Athletics for private training classes and ten-week group fitness classes. Fitness mills are one of the largest fitness centers for people with special needs, according to program officials. A way to increase self-confidence.

“Children with mental and developmental disabilities are more vulnerable to obesity and obesity-related health conditions. Dr. Eric Jacobson, Chief Psychologist of Upstate Cerebral Palsy, explains the various reasons for this, including the availability of new fitness programs for this population.

“With this financial support, we have been able to run these units not only for the physical and mental health of the children, but also for a modern facility. Group lessons based on inclusion of all skill levels are a great way to build a community and we are very grateful for this gift.

Eric Decarlis, Director of Special Needs Fitness, is proud to say that Fitness Mill is what we call the “inclusion solution” in promoting healthy habits in a safe and medical environment in central New York. “We are thrilled to be working with Upstate Cerebral Palsy and bringing a lot of fitness and fun space not only to people with I / DD, but also to their families and friends.”

Group rooms are open to current members and space is limited. The program listed on the second page of the release.

All abilities
Fitness program

Miles: Stones (running / walking,

Monday 5 pm – All ages

Wednesday 5 pm – All ages

Fitness 4 All (Strength /


10 am – 10:45 am – day fitness;

6:30 pm – 7:00 pm – ages 5-12;

7 pm – 7:30 pm – Age 13 and older;


5 pm – 5:30 pm – Age 13 and older;

5:30 pm – 6 pm – Ages 5-12


10:30 am – 11 am – Age 13 and older

11 am – 11:30 am – ages 5-12

Yoga 4 All

Monday – 6:30 pm – All ages

Thursday – 6:30 pm – All ages