Brentwood, Ten., November 17, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Great Lakes Cheese, the country’s largest natural cheese maker, has partnered with Premise Health, the largest direct healthcare provider and OMERS portfolio company to provide fitness knowledge and services to Great Lakes Cheese Employees. The company wants to invest in human health and safety travel. Premiere features state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art fitness equipment, group fitness and personalized fitness programs.

“Expanding us Hiram We want to prioritize the overall safety of campus, millennium and staff owners, Human Resources VP Mara Kamat. “Health Center is a great and comprehensive way for all of us to rejuvenate, rejuvenate and rejuvenate.”

Through this partnership, Grace Lex cheese employers can contact a fitness center manager and fitness specialist with personal appointments for fitness assessments, personal trainings and fitness training. This approach helps to customize services for each individual and ensures that they get the most out of their fitness experience.

“Employers are seeing the benefits of helping their team members stay healthy, which goes hand in hand with overall productivity and safety,” said Premise Health President. Jami Doucette, MD, MBA, CSCS. “We are delighted to be working with Greater Cheese on a mission to lead their people to a healthier lifestyle.”

The Great Lakes Cheese Hiram Fitness Center is housed in the company’s 17825 Great Lakes Parkway. Hiram, Ohio. There is no charge for registering the facility for Great Lakes Cheese staff-owners.

“Focusing on fitness affects overall health care costs, reduces stress through regular exercise and creates a culture for better performance,” he said. “It’s definitely an important job.”

The institution celebrated its grand opening. November 8.

About Pre-Health
Premise Health is one of the world’s leading direct healthcare providers and one of the largest digital providers in the country, serving more than 11 million qualified lives to provide full connectivity with more than 2,500 large business and municipal employers. Care – Physical and Digital Environment. It operates more than 800 health centers in and around the state in 45 states GuamProviding care through Digital Wellness Center and on-site, near, mobile and event solutions.

Primimis values ​​value by reducing complexity and overcoming barriers by providing convenient, integrated and high-quality care to a diverse population. Provides more than 30 products, providing the scope and depth needed to serve the general public of organizations. The result is health care that meets the needs of members and their families and helps organizations stay healthy by reducing costs. Visit for more information about Premise Health

Cheese on the Great Lakes
Grax Lakes is an award-winning, premier manufacturer and producer of wholesale, shredded and shredded cheese. It serves the country’s largest natural cheese packaging, Great Lakes Cheese Grocery, Club and Supermarket as well as restaurant chain and food service distributors. The company has a national logo with internal resources. Ohio, new York, Tennessee, Utah, WisconsinAnd under construction b Texas. The Great Lakes cheese, owned by family and staff, is celebrating its 60th year of business.

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