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New York City (Photo Pocket Michael Appleton / Mayor’s Photography Office)

In Southern California, three generations of families gathered under one roof to fight the epidemic and decided to make it permanent. Throughout West Manhattan, students are organized to buy outdoor groceries and essentials. And as the virus grows, nationally Browsers Magazine Review The couple reported that 82 percent of the cases made them more interested in getting married.

Covide-19, the country’s deadliest epidemic, has killed more than 700,000 Americans and nearly 4.5 million people worldwide. Everyone has gone through a certain struggle – pain, grief over unimaginable loss, or uncertainty about work, education, and daily activities. However, in the face of adversity and adversity, people have shown remarkable kindness. They also formed new bonds, gained new insights into what it means to be there, and re-examined the priorities of life.

Pew study The epidemic shows the clarity that comes with throwing silver coins and wrestling together or being isolated from loved ones and friends and losing the basics of daily life from office work to entertainment. The famous economist Paul Krugman also commented that they are workers Stopping operations at record rates In part, the plague caused them to reconsider their lives.

As we negotiate for re-entry into work, school, social media and public places, many of us are dusting off the words to Winston Churchill. As a mental health advocate, I believe we can use these difficult days to promote personal growth and mental fitness.

Mindfulness is not just a matter of passing or catching up. Instead, I express that I have taken steps to secure and maintain mental fitness. Safety means to be more intentional. We all have challenges, but when we are mentally healthy, we are more likely to be exposed to major crises and even global epidemics.

Our level of mental well-being refers to our ability to use drugs, to isolate ourselves, or to develop ways of coping with harm to ourselves or others. In the same way, by calling our hands and feet and increasing our strength, we can learn and practice skills that help maintain mental fitness.

Here in New York City, mid-August, we started with mental health for everyone, as always. General website and public education A campaign to connect New York residents to mental health resources. This fall, more than 300,000 of our city employees are ready to see this fan show landscape, investigate issues, and make sure their city is available to them when we return to the office full-time.

There are many apps and tools online, including health and safety. This application library It is packed in our city for anyone to use. Includes “fun” that uses evidence-based games.

What are some steps that anyone can take? Establish daily health practices Regular exercise, socializing, journal, practice yoga or meditate.

If you have a family, it may take a long time to attend regular and regular “family meetings” to discuss problems and feelings. Find out what you can control when a crisis arises. Ask your children (and yourself) how you feel, why you feel this way, and what you can do to control your emotions in a healthy way.

Children ask especially profound questions: Why did my grandmother die? How do I know if Kovid will not catch me? What do I do when I feel scared or angry?

As a major SEL supporter, I ask parents to practice SEL skills at home. It’s SEL. Verified National educational approach used in schools, including New York City. Students learn to identify emotions, control emotions, communicate, and resolve conflicts. Those skills improve behavior and academic achievement and can be used in all areas of life.

We can develop SEL skills for our children and other young people. It could be as simple as saying, “I’m sorry today, so I plan to listen to my favorite music and then run.”

If problems are overwhelming or they cannot work, I encourage everyone to seek professional help, remembering that we should not wait until we need help to focus on our mental health. Good mental health is always important.

This epidemic has no obvious end but we must not stop our lives. We have the power to shape our hearts and minds better and to keep growing.

Chirlan Macraei is the first lady of New York City. On Twitter @NYCFirstLady.

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