A series of victories for Hull City – the first by Oakwell – gave them a new lease of life, and they won after Cardiff City sacked Mike McCarty.

Barnsley Marcus Shop was on the day of his dismissal – one below, four points from safety. The only difference is that they have three less games to do something – 28.

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The new coach has to make his debut against Swansea City on the pitch. So what are his priorities?

New coach Pute Poya has taken over as Barnsley’s head coach

Select – and coach – formation

Under new coaches, Barnsley is the third team behind either Gerhard Sturber’s 3-5-2 or secretly 3-4-3. Valerian Ishmael And shop.

Looks like a fan of 4-2-3-1.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

The only problem, the formation did not work. It is open to debate how much it has fallen into its own form, and how much it has to fight with the best team in the division, but when it comes back to normal, the team has improved tremendously.

Barnsley’s best players perform at a high level again

The biggest problem for the Reds this season is that key performers such as Roman Palmer and Calm Styles have not reached the same level this season.

Anyone who can choose to do something about it needs to talk to Lawman because he might be better off with a league table than a Barnsley team.

Probably the biggest problem for Barnsley under Shop was the Austrian’s off-field prowess – his lack of midfield experience following the arrival of Alex Mowat Ishmael at West Bromwich Albion.

The board set aside Claudius Gomez and Josh Benson – two talented young men – to fill the gap.

It will be January before the Reds enter the transfer market – an experienced and available free agent is unlikely to be relevant before that – and they will not be able to wait until the end of the season. Coming from within.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Shop sometimes used a center-back but Jasper Moon also had little experience.

Keep their focus to the end

You must not cancel the Barnsley game early. Barnsley’s first-half goals of the season came in the final 15 minutes, three of which came from eight goals. He was prolific in the second half, scoring two of his five goals (two in Sheffield United’s 3-0 win over Gas) and eight in eight.

They may not be competent enough, which is ridiculous when you consider how much Ishmael has been working for them last season. The shop may not have been scary enough, but it is hard to imagine a serious man like Ishmael.

Perhaps the biggest issue – and this may be fitness – is to pay attention when the game is over.

Whatever the problem, the developer must identify the problem and deal with it.

Find and shoot Obi Obire and Carlton Morris

A good portion of Barnsley’s compensation from West Brom came from striker Obi Olare, who has so far returned to investing in 14 minutes of football. Shop was not a clear supporter but the club hierarchy lost him in January and returned to Belgium in the summer.

The coach’s job is to make the best use of the players he is being approached, and to delay the expulsion of his compatriot Aaron Leah Eseka, one of the most important projects.

The emergence of Isseka suggests that the Iranian may have taken a good look at the time of his arrival, especially since Carlton Morris appeared on the weekend for the first time since August. Barnsley has lost a major striker and it will take time to recover, but it will improve quickly.