A Hong Kong-based robotics company is selling powerful ExcelCelton to help people achieve their fitness goals – a sign that the technology has reached the long-awaited consumer market.

The test is clear- Exotic Exxolton is a wearable robot that encloses your body. He restores the lost function, makes the paralyzed person Walking Or to runFor example, or increase the capacity – the US Army. Doing research Exoskeletons that give extra strength and endurance to soldiers.

“I have no doubt in my mind that these devices will eventually be sold in hardware stores.”

Humayun Castro

These exoskeletons typically cost Thousands of dollars, And some have Annual rent payments In the six-digit range. That high cost has limited access to health care, military and industrial manpower, but experts say exoskeletons will eventually move to the next level.

“I have no doubt in my mind that these devices will eventually be sold in hardware stores,” said SuitX founder SuitX, founder of Homayon Cassroni. He told the BBC News.. “When prices go down you can easily buy them at Home Depot.”

Sportsman 5: We are now beginning to see that transition.

Improved Robotics Based in Hong Kong One KickStarter campaign To support the so-called “exoskeleton, the world’s first consumer app”. This device 5 Athlete weighs 5.5 pounds, is worn around the waist and thighs and has two modes: external, external and physical.

The device can detect whether a person is walking, running or climbing a hill and adjust the help or resistance.

External mode has two settings: help or resistance. In the auxiliary setting, the motors near the hips help lift the legs – making it easier to climb stairs or ascend. The defensive mode makes it easy to walk Down Hills or steps to reduce and stabilize the body.

Exercise is about making it harder for the legs to move, menstruation. It also has two settings: Extension and Flexibility. These include resistance to different types of movements – stretching makes squats more difficult, for example, flexing is the same as walking.

The technology is clear- The sensors in Sport Part 5 recognize the user’s movements and send an algorithm based on the AI ​​that controls the motors. According to Enhanced Robotics, the device can detect a person walking, running, climbing a hill, etc., and adjust the aid or resistance.

The exoskeleton-powered battery lasts about three hours, but depending on the user’s activity, some of the power can be collected to recharge the battery properly, which helps the device to last longer.

Improved robotics quickly achieved the $ 9,989 target for the Kickstarter campaign – more than $ 95,000 was pledged at the time of writing. The retail cost of the Excel is $ 1,458, but fans are paying up to $ 899, with the first shipments scheduled for May 2022.

Large image: Adding a little more resistance to exercise is not something that people have never done before with weight and defensive bands. However, the exoskeleton powered makes it easier to increase resistance when you free your hands, which some people may find attractive.

In fact, it is not an advanced robotics tool. It does This makes it even more exciting because of the fact that a large number of people can afford to buy Exxcletto – which means we will see more devices in this price range in the near future.

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