Planet Fitness Interior

Customers return to Planet Fitness, which has led to overall growth in revenue, profits, customers and new stores for the Rochester-based gym.

Last week, Chief Financial Officer Tom Fitzgerald said: “I think the subject matter has returned faster than expected. He called the re-assembly “V-versus U-shape.”

Revenue increased by 46 percent to $ 154.3 million, and net income rose to $ 17.4 million (21 cents) in the third quarter.

Revenue increased by about 48 percent annually to $ 403.4 million. The company reported net revenue of $ 37 million in the first three quarters. During the same period last year, it lost $ 23.7 million.

A.D. After a two-month hiatus in the spring of 2020, the company’s 15 million members have returned to the gym at 90 percent pre-Kovid levels, and are on their way. The use of the company’s mobile app is over, with three-quarters of users checking in remotely instead of stopping at the desk, but to bring a friend, see how busy Jim is, watch sports and enjoy some benefits like gas. Discount at Shell gas stations.

“So instead of replacing it, they are using it as a supplement,” said CEO Chris Rondow.

Planet Fitness has launched 24 new gymnasiums, bringing the total system to 2,193, with only four currently closed. About 400 are in need of the same mask or vaccine, but none of them have a significant effect on membership or use. There was no permanent closure compared to the industry-wide 22 percent reduction, although most closed gyms were on the small side.

But that planet has given her a better chance of expanding her fitness, even though Rondeau says the sofa is the best source for new members.

After a year of delayed advertising, the company plans to merge 16 advertising accounts into one agency, starting with the big New Year’s pressure to start the 30th anniversary.