Wayne Pvac commented on Davine Pell’s performance at Win Jones International Rugby this summer.

The Lozhead Proposal was considered a major player in the British Isles after his return from a lions’ tour of South Africa in the summer.

But Wales had a difficult autumn, and Jones sat on the bench against South Africa and continued, “We are wearing what we are wearing. Win Jones knows that he has some work to do to get back to the Lions and play the test.

Scarlets head coach Pel believes there were reasons for his move to Wales as he married Jones in early September.

Was it immature?? He said. The peacock itself is a test lion And winner of Wales 73 Cup.

“Yeah, well, the cubs came back later than everyone else, so he didn’t play much rugby.

“He played a half-game for us before he came in. There was not much pre-season.

“Was he immature? Maybe, yes, in terms of time with us here on the field.

“I didn’t work with Win every day.

“Wine commented, and Win responded. I am sure he will respond well to it.

“Since we have not had much time together, I look forward to working with him faithfully. The Lions returned late, and after spending two weeks with us, they entered the camp.

“So it would be nice to get him back.”

“I’m sure he’s looking forward to getting some games under his belt and getting in.”

“It’s one of the things in sports and go ahead and make sure you’re ready to go the next time you put on your shirt.”

Scarlets boss Dwayne Peel

Jones spent just 16 minutes on the pitch in the worst case of South Africa, with Rhys Carre starting and Australia against the most rugby of the World Cup. Or he was not the only one who had problems.

Still, he wants to return to form and Pel believes his time with Scarlets over the next two months will help him travel to South Africa for two United Rugby Championships.

Pel: “I’m not here to comment on the matter.

“I only know about Winnie who is focused, he is a good player and I know he will come back and work hard.

“That is all I can say.

“Comments about him in the fall, he takes them to the ship and when he comes back to us he goes to Europe and Christmas decorations to make sure he is in good shape.

“It’s a big block for everyone.

I’m sure he’ll show us the price next time he’s wearing a Scarlets shirt. I look forward to working with him.