After Covide-19 forced the closure of the Peters Township Fitness Studio, Tammy decided to shut down Stools permanently.

But it took her a year and a half of hard work to prepare for a successful career.

Tammy Stocker is launching Jackhammer Fit LLC at Waterdam Commons a week ago.

Plans require Jackhammer Fit LLC to open at the Waterdam Commons Complex in the week before Thanksgiving.

The loss of Stoker Pulse, who lives in Peters Township, did not stop her from pursuing renewed success. From holding fitness classes in the converted garage to teaching clients outside the home, she continues to encourage more people to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

It also partnered with businesses in Peters City, including Bombash and Erlion East McMurray Road, Pure Juice at Donaldson Crossroads and the Holy Safety Spa at Lake View Square.

“The biggest thing for me is to continue working with the small businesses in the area so that we can all rebuild. “And I think we’re all doing a good job.”

Last summer, temple owner Ashley Kramer-Maclintock invited Stoker to use her homework class, including strength, cycling and kettlebell.

“Classes will continue in the sanctuary, but the program will be bigger, more rooms and more equipment, as we move,” Stocker said.

Another collaboration is with Peters, Laura Cordero, a registered dietitian and nutritionist.

“Laura has worked with some of my clients to help them get better nutritionally by teaching them to work better. It’s not just about jumping around all the time. It’s about focusing on the parts of the body that we use so that no one gets hurt,” Stocker said. No. To achieve this goal, it is important to move the body properly and purposefully, jumping around and thinking that you are getting good exercise.

Registered nurse Stocker said the ability to stay with customers through virtual supplies and social media is key to staying effective during an outbreak. As everyone switches to post-Thanksgiving mode, she and Cordero will be releasing a series of live health-related presentations.

“We’re called ‘holiday partners’ to help our customers with holiday celebrations,’ says Stocker.

Of course, enjoying a holiday often leads to New Year’s weight loss decisions, and Stoker is ready to help you achieve those goals through exercise. She also advises trying to avoid unhealthy food and drink temptations.

“Getting the body moving helps burn calories, but you need to eat properly,” she said. “You have to reward the work so that it responds to everything you try to do better.”