“It was the best of times, the worst of times.” Charles Dickens The classic novel “The Tale of Two Cities” can accurately refer to two private fitness companies that go in opposite directions.

The fall of Peloton shares Connected Fitness Company Peloton Interactive Inc (NASDAQ: Peton) Reported Revenue for the first quarter was $ 805.2 million, up 6 percent year-over-year. Revenue estimates are less than $ 810.8 million on the road.

The first-quarter earnings were the lowest reported by the company since the first quarter of last year, and after a steady increase, earnings exceeded a quarter of a quarter.

Subscriptions and members grew in the first quarter, but investors may be concerned about seeing every user drop out. Peloton reported an average of 16.6 sports per enrollment, the lowest in the second quarter of 2020.

Planet Fitness Shine Fitness Center Operator Planet Fitness Inc (NYSE: PLNT) Reported Revenue for the third quarter showed $ 154.3 million, an increase of 46 percent over the year. The total revenue came before the $ 135.2 million road deal.

“We are getting stronger than ever with the COVID-19 epidemic,” said Planet Fitness CEO. Chris Rondeau He said.

Planet Fitness reported similar store sales + 7.2% and a total of more than 15 million members. The third quarter marked the best year in the company’s history for net growth. The third quarter was also a company record for franchisees.

The company opened 24 new locations in the third quarter, finishing the quarter with 2,193 locations.

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What’s next? Peloton is leading the second-quarter revenue from $ 1.1 billion to $ 1.2 billion, which is less than $ 1.51 billion. Revenue for the full fiscal year is currently estimated at $ 4.4 billion to $ 4.8 billion, which is less than the estimated $ 5.4 billion.

“We expected the 2022 budget year to be a very challenging year to anticipate.

Planet Fitness has launched a full year income guide. The company’s annual revenue ranges from $ 570 million to $ 580 million, up from $ 530 million to $ 540 million. The new guideline comes ahead of the $ 538.1 million road estimate.

The company plans to open 110 to 120 places this budget year.

The fourth quarter is usually the company’s biggest revenue. Last quarter’s revenue was $ 191.5 million, up from $ 166.8 million in the third quarter.

“I am more excited than ever for the many reasons that drive recent and long-term growth opportunities,” Rondeau said.

Planet Fitness will be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year and will be launching an ad campaign around the event to run local and national advertising.

Collection Performance Peloton shares fell on earnings, with a new 52-week low of $ 48.90. Shares have traded between $ 48.90 and $ 171.09 over the past 52 weeks. On Friday morning, the stock traded at $ 49.35.

Peloton’s shares fell more than 59 percent last year and 66 percent by 2021.

After reporting on Planet Fitness Shares, hit a new 52-week high of $ 99.60, moving in the opposite direction. The company’s previous 52-week high was $ 92.17 before revenue.

Planet Fitness shares traded between $ 64.86 and $ 99.60 in the past 52 weeks. Planetary shares rose 43 percent last year and 2421 year-on-year. As of Friday morning, planet fitness shares had increased by 91.83 percent.

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