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Two Peloton teachers on the role of health and fitness in the Latin community

as such Peloton It proves to be one of the most popular fitness forums in the world, and its efforts to include broad voices and perspectives have become even more important.

If there are long-term leaders in the boutique gymnasium. They like to hire teachers Mariana Fernandez (Yoga) Rad Lopez (Strength) and Camilla Ramon (Cycling) shows great effort to increase and emphasize that representation in teaching Spanish and English.

The three can argue that it has a platform to be one of the most influential voices in Latin fitness and to create a bridge for older communities excluded from the cost and approach of boutique fitness.

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In a series of talks, Fernandez and Lopez spoke by phone and email to Ramondez and Lopez to have a clear and honest discussion about the role of health and fitness in the Latin community and how they view their own role as an impact on space.

The following has been edited for a short time and clarity.

Ask: What role did health and fitness play in your early childhood and adulthood?

Mariana Fernandez dies- Growing up in Mexico, exercise was not part of my lifestyle. My mother was an athlete (she started racing until she was 40) and she was often the only woman in those races. However, we have already learned to swim, and she has taught us to take care of our bodies.

I was studying yoga in college and was very worried about my second year of geology. It was cold outside, and Jim didn’t call, so I tried a heated yoga class. I remember my muscles were shaking and I fell from place to place. I remember being very physically challenged. But I was also less anxious and mentally I found I felt much better. I felt something change.

Rad Lopez Catch- I am Dominican and grew up in the Bronx with my mom and dad. My father had passed away, so my mother did the same thing for me and my younger sister. To be honest, “health” had no place in my upbringing. The Bronx is a low-income community in terms of food and fitness choices offered by other counties and parts of the city. A lot of my background was in sports, especially in the boxing world, and that’s where my fitness interests played out. I did not know many families who put health and fitness first, but sports were a family pastime. We gathered around it.

Everyone was eating and having a good time when we gathered for big boxing events, but I was sitting in front of the TV with my eyes open and the bell ranging from number one to end. I loved boxing marriage in the midst of beauty, charm and commotion, but I joined boxing until I was 15 years old. The first day I got into the ring and hit my ass. It set a fire under me and I began to gain confidence and discipline (as I trained more). All that work and training gave me a sense of growth, control, confidence and confidence.

Having Mom and Sister as my main influence made me feel compassion and boxing taught me everything else. When you combine the two, it is a recipe for greatness. In this field, you both need to meet our large group of members.

Camilla Ramon weep- I was born in Argentina and moved to the United States when I was 7 years old. For two months each year, I returned to Buenos Aires to spend time with my family. As a refugee in the United States, we also ate a lot of home-grown food because of our habits in Argentina and with my family. My mother always strives to prepare delicious and healthy food. In Argentina we ate a lot of protein with potatoes and lettuce so it was always a staple and my mom also made plain pasta, with sauces and everything.

In terms of mobility, we grew up riding horses to El Campo and visiting Argentina. My family loved to walk, so my parents always did. My dad played a lot of sports while growing up, but he stopped because he had some serious injuries and was sitting still later. My family is primarily trained to maintain a certain weight without knowing the benefits of practical training and strength training. I was always very active in my family. I had a lot of energy, and I loved running, dancing, and later gaining weight. As I grew older and my parents were always on the road, I taught them everything about training.

AM ፡ Have you ever had or tolerated misconceptions as a Latin health and fitness teacher? If so, where do you think they came from and how do we work to dismantle them?

Fernandez mourn- For a long time, the Latin community tried to work its way out of the box – we all looked and felt the same. The beauty we are trying to bring to light now is that we are all different types, shapes, colors, especially if we are all like Latina, Latino, Latin, regardless of generation. It was a long-standing misconception of what kind of generation you are or what you should look like, and perhaps her voice may be a reminder of the things that make us naked like all of us.

Lopez weep Hard to say. Since I came in boxing, my fitness journey was a little different. Most boxers are people of color. And I came to do and teach (in the boxing community). Everything I did was different for the sport. In that state, I didn’t push much, but I found boxing because I owned a place where I felt confident. The canals.

Ramon weep- When I was teaching in Los Angeles, people thought that I was Mexican because I was Latina. I think it helps to teach more people about who we are by increasing the visibility and representation of the different and beautiful differences in our cultures. And to be honest, when I first started here I put a lot of pressure on myself because I thought I had to look like the perfect body and huge curves on Latin coaches on TV to be successful here. I am proud to be here and I can be an example of a truly healthy body for our society. I think real representation of health, fitness and sports is also important.

AM: What first motivated you to apply for a teacher role in Peloton? Is there anything special that Peloton can bring as a person that he has never had before?

Lopez weep Working and exercising made me realize that I was in a trance and that I was in a trance. I grew up in low-income housing. There were times when my mother ate noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She made sure we had everything we needed, but it was a struggle. Without faith in exercise, fitness, and boxing, I would not have the confidence to leave the world.

Peloton spoke to me, but my whole life was about growth. Growing up in my 30 years of life is a big theme and something I focus on. I look forward to bringing my real identity to Peloton. His hair, his music ሁሉ everything that comes with a Latino man. People like me, like my mother… I long to bring hope to what I do, so that they can connect with me and tell my story in Peloton.

Ramon weep- As a refugee in the United States, I bring up my true story as a Spanish-speaking person, and as a woman who felt compelled to see a way because of our pressures. Latin culture. I want to be a voice that transforms the narrative of the Latin world into beauty, above all a movement that focuses on enjoyment of movement, health, and performance. I have struggled a lot in my journey of self-acceptance and I know that many of the children who are now employed will have the resources and role models in our culture to reduce those experiences to others.

Fernandez mourn- I was teaching at this studio in NYC and it was hard to bring Spanish into practice. During the interview, we mentioned teaching in Spanish and said, “Aha!” He said. Pause on both sides. I will always remember hearing about one of the production team members on my first day in the language of the Peloton family. I will never forget that.

AM: What do you think could be your role as a health and fitness leader in the wider Latin community?

Ramon weep- I think we all have a big responsibility to pave the way for future Latin coaches! I think seeing us on this forum will open the door for more Latino professionals and immigrants to believe in themselves and fight for their dreams. That’s fine – let’s just say I’ve seen better. I am sure I will work with Mariana and Rad because I know them personally and support them as human beings and Peloton conforms to these values.

Lopez weep To bridge the gap and let us hear and see – what everyone has to do for their community. Working with Camilla and Mariana was wonderful. There are so many different communities in Latin culture. With Argentina, Camilla and Mariana in Mexico, we all have different words and phrases. Both of them do a great job of bringing out the Latin community, and that’s something we will continue to do.

Fernandez mourn- In Mexico City and New Jersey, and now especially in Peloton, the Latin community is hearing something – I try to hear and see people like them. For a long time, boutique fitness seemed to be inaccessible, something of a different level, and for another demographic. Whether you own a machine or not, it is now very accessible and people are thinking, “We can be part of this world.” What I pay dearly for the Latin community is that we have always longed for family and community. Our #Platinos community has grown to thousands of members, and it is a place where we encourage and advise classes. It is contagious. If you see someone who is part of your family (doing this), they will encourage you and open the door for you because you did not think you should see him for a long time.

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