Smart Fitness has announced the launch of a new strength training product called Pelton, which uses a connected camera to monitor movement-based exercises.

A.D. Coming in 2022, it can be paired with any TV and paired with a weight and heart rate monitor. The camera tracks your movements, shows them on TV, and shows the instructor, live statistics, and other participants.

So, for example, if you are working on your weight lungs, you can look at your own form, adjust it and see exactly how it should be done. If you do not follow the teacher on the screen correctly, the activity monitor will still track your efforts.

Peloton Guide

Users get a full-body workout with class tips, which allows users to see which muscle groups they have worked on most recently. Therefore, you can choose a workout that offers a day of walking rather than excessive physical activity. According to Peloton, hundreds of different sports are being offered.

Of course, connecting the camera to your TV and pointing it into the living room has privacy risks, so the guide has a sliding lock that obscures the sensors.

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The Peloton Guide costs £ 450 / $ 495 and is available in early 202. After that, you will have to pay £ 12.99 a month for membership, if you are not a member at all. Although the weights are sold separately. You can use your own because there is nothing special about them.

Peloton is on a collision course with companies such as Glass and Tone that offer vision-based fitness systems designed to replace traditional multi-gym space-saving solutions. It will also compete with the Apple Fitness Plus, which relies on motion monitoring on the Apple Watch.

Earlier this week, Peloton confirmed this Adding a pause key to the stationary bikesBut the desire to control the company’s smart home future has not stopped.