The OPS Dupont Fitness Center recently opened in Fort Wayne, a mission to expand health and fitness options. Leaders of the Lutheran Health Network shared the ribbon cutter on October 29, 10106 E. Dupont Circle Drive.

Annual membership ensures 24-hour access to the fitness center as well as 39-bike room, sauna, gym, hiking and related features.

Orthopedic Hospital CAO Lori Aloor said the fitness center supports the Lutheran Health Network’s mission to help people survive and stay healthy.

“This state-of-the-art facility is just one example of how the Lutheran Health Network is carrying out our mission on a daily basis,” Aler said. “As you walk around the building, you see ‘reconsider your limits.’ This is not just a sign for us.

“Seven years ago, we wanted to do sports medicine differently for people,” she continued. “Standing here is an evolution of that dream.”

She said the institute represents a partnership between Orthopedic Hospital and Dupont Hospital. “This community is very fortunate to have such excellent surgeons for orthopedic care,” she said.

OPS CEO Dr. Jason Russell says hiring is part of a plan to change sports medicine. “What a ride last year,” she says. “His interest is contagious. Diligence and diligence is the reason we are here today.”

The Russell Fitness Center grew from a discussion four years ago at the boardroom at Dupont Hospital: “What can we do to improve our service line for the community?

“… We do a great job when someone changes their life and helps them. But how do we help them not to get sick and how can we have a stop that affects the whole family?”

“Let’s bring the family here and let the children be children and improve their sports – have love for that,” he said. “Let’s not worry about kids doing basketball shots. Let’s get up and move parents and stop worrying about what their kids are doing.”

“So we’re not just sitting and exercising,” Russell said.

“We’ve learned that 80% of fitness partners quit because they didn’t see results,” Russell said. “So we decided to partner with their front and mobile capabilities, monitor members and have health coaches to make sure someone is on the road to success.

“We brought Dexter and Laser to show that it shouldn’t just be the scales that change, but the body also changes.”

The center next to the lobby offers 24 treadmills, 10 elliptical, eight straight bikes, five consecutive bicycles and four paddles. The second floor spin room is home to 39 bicycles.

Lauren Baker, sales coordinator for OPS DuPont, has been linked to supervisors who serve as cardio equipment for virtual personal trainers. “You’ll find someone on the screen telling you what to do when you jump on those cardio equipment,” she said. “So if you’ve never worked before, it makes it easier for you to get started. What should my attitude be? What should my speed be?”

She said strength equipment, a 24-hour fitness center, locker rooms, saunas, group fitness classes and a seven-mile walk are all included.

“We are very excited,” she said. “Everyone has been working hard to make this happen to the community.”

Annual memberships are $ 59 per person per month, $ 89 per month for couples or $ 109 per month per family, as two adults and their dependents under the age of 21.

The new facility, which uses a large scissors for ribbon cutting, is 100% unique in the Fort Wayne area. He said it would be combined with Lutheran Health Network’s mission to keep people healthy and healthy.

He said the institution would integrate defense and security programs into a broader service negotiation.