Well, we are officially in the middle of the holiday season. And do you know what happens during the holiday season? They stop working. You start eating cake. And graduation. And all kinds of unhealthy and sweet foods. And as the days get shorter and the parties get longer, fitness goals appear in the window.

But what if it doesn’t have to be this way? What if there were new, exciting fitness products released just in time to save you from failure?

November’s best new fitness gear is a collection of things you need to get started and keep up with the holidays. And hey, many of these items make deadly gifts. just only to say…

Janji Runterra Bio Long sleeves


janji runterra bio long sleeve back


This gorgeous long sleeve is simply not good – and it is the first time in history that a 100 percent cotton biography has been made. Don’t worry though you will fall in the race though; The fabric is designed to disintegrate in the anaerobic (oxygen-poor) environment as a garbage can, but not every mile. It is comfortable enough for long runs, and is common for wearing coffee, working out or spending time with friends.

Price rises $ 68

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Ultrasound supply 6

Ultra Supply 6


This week, experts at Ultra released their new running shoes. Building on its light weight, the Provision 6 features new upgrades, including a new net mid-train and a sculpted heel. With a simple laser system and a refurbished upper, you have shoes that embrace and enhance the natural shape of your feet and increase your performance.

For gym mice, Altra donates their new gym shoes, the Solstice XT 2, Later this month.

Price rises $ 140

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Beyond the Yoga Spacedye Freefit Easy Joger

Beyond the free easy yogurt from yoga space

Beyond yoga

Whether you are in a yoga studio or running around the city, relax and enjoy the new yoga beyond Beyond this time. Spacedye fabric (made of 87% polyester and 13% lyra) enhances performance with UV protection, four-way stretch and moisture resistance, while maintaining a stylish and practical feel with thin fit and side hip wallets. Is this Jugger incredibly soft, performance-oriented and made for purchase in the US? Next, pick two pairs: one for you, one for a friend.

Price rises $ 128

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Moverti Tiltbike

muoverti tiltbike


We have seen many developments in Home gym (Especially since the outbreak began), but no one has had such a refurbished bicycle. Only in beauty, Muoverti Tiltbike stands out; However, it is its functionality that gives us a second look. The Tiltbike simulates a real bike ride on the road, and accurately displays the balance and resistance needed to ride a traditional bike. What’s amazing here is the built-in progress in the machine – it offers TiltBik built-in game controls, and can be connected to the Xbox if desired, as well as your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Mooverti has not yet released the pricing, but the bikes have been announced by 2022, and you will be able to sign up to receive updates in the near future.

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Lole Down West

lolë down vest


Thanks to the sudden change in spring temperature, there are times when you need heat but there are times when you don’t need it. Introduce the new low-key West Odin. Available in two eye-catching color lines, this medium-sized vest is fitted with a responsible 700-inch down and removable hat, reusable fibers, zipper pockets and waterproof. There is also a magnetic storm; This is a fabric that covers zippers, buttons and seams, which provides improved protection and strength.

Price rises $ 135

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Take your time

Time movement


If you are looking for a “smart” exercise system that doesn’t pay four digits or doesn’t have a full wall, this is an option for you. Move integrates with your TV and iPhone to provide a completely personalized training experience without breaking the bank. Using 3D Tempo Vision, Move uses the front camera on your iPhone to provide instant guidance and feedback on your form, their representatives and more. The activity comes with Tempo Core, Smart Weights, weight storage cabinets, weight bars and the HDMI cable needed to connect your phone to your TV.

Price rises $ 495

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Tiem via bike shoes

Tim cycling shoes


Via is designed to increase the capacity of cycling shoes and wrap them in outdoor beauty. Waterproof upper, Burley exit and adjustable quick switch mechanism make this SPD-compatible shoe work in the studio and beyond. You will be ready wherever your exercise takes place.

Price rises $ 140

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REDD Sweat Cold Brew Latte Elixir

Red radiation power


You know the old adage: Trap Adaptogens is a close friend of an athlete. (We may have created this, but the Science Maca and cortisone provide adaptogenic benefits, but you need 120 mg of caffeine in the morning. Six grams of protein, six grams of fiber, 375 mg of trace minerals and 2 billion CFU probiotics in one sweet and herbal package will help you get the most out of your morning.

Price rises $ 19.99

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Engo Eyewear modern sunglasses

engo glasses


These smart goggles are a no-brainer for endurance athletes who want to keep track of their results on the go. Control your speed and manage your strength in real-time data for up to 12 hours of continuous use. Engo Eyewear provides seamless tracking and performance information with bicycle computers, GPS watches, smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. In addition to their monitoring capabilities, the glasses are lightweight, impact resistant and provide 100% UV protection.

Price rises $ 397

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Retro Fitness Cobra

Retro Fitness Cobra

Retro Fitness

Call this bike a bundle and make no mistake. For those who love the feel of a studio bike, but don’t really want it, you know, go to the studio, Cobra is the best choice. The magnetic shielding system provides quick resistance changes when pressed with a single button, the protected, rear-mounted aluminum fly wheel is protected from sweat, extending the life of the bike. The adjustable seat and handle, as well as the double-sided pedal, round out its popular features.

Price rises $ 1,299 – $ 1,599 Membership starting at $ 29.99 per month

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