Eddie Howe feels he can squeeze more of the current Newcastle United player product.

The Magpies were level on points with Brentford but now face a more serious challenge ahead of Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium this weekend.

Howe is currently isolating himself after a positive examination for Covid’s investigation, but he has not stopped working in a hotel room at Newcastle Quayside.

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“Every time a new coach joins a new club, you always look at fitness level,” Haw said.

“This is not to disrespect anyone’s rule but you always want a little more.

“You want more than the receiving team – I’m no different.

“I’m in and I want a little more of them. They’re a team that fits, but I think we can increase that and make them a little stronger.”

“This could make a difference at the end of the game.

“We have implemented two changes in their training to help us with this.

“In the end, they are qualified and have shown stats this season.

“They weren’t so bad physically fit.

“It’s a matter of getting 2% or 3% more of them.”

Last week, new Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte banned some tomato ketchup from training and found some headlines about his strict rule.

Howe said he plans to lead a sports science team on the Benton menu.

“I have not blocked Ketchup yet,” Haw said.

I talk to our nutritionists to see if this is what we need to do.

“Biscuits are not flying here. I’m sure people will.

“There are some things we are forbidden to do, our sports science team.

“There were some things in history that I was not happy about when I saw them flying in the spare room.

Newcastle face Arsenal on Saturday, but Hawe has already seen his reaction to new team Brentford.

Haw said: “When you present your expectations, people are more likely to respond and feel comfortable with their work.

“Thank you. The players did that.

“So far they have been very good and I can’t criticize anyone.

I think that was the big deal and the manager is always hard to evaluate.

I am very happy with this response.

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