CornerThe new yoga studio at 676 Driggs Ave (corner of Driggs and N 1st St.) is well named and is dedicated to connecting all yogis or yoga practitioners without judgment.

Although Corner opened only last August, Rebecca Ambrose, who has been working in yoga and health for 15 years, initially managed and published yoga sites for other people.

“One manager took me to a coffee shop, ‘I think one day you will be a studio manager, you will be very good at doing this,’ and I said, ‘You are crazy,’ so the seed is sown,” says Ambrose. “It was something that everyone except me knew.”

When it comes time to acquire a studio, the stumbling block at 676 Driggs could be attributed to the fate of Ambrose, who moved to Williamsburg in 2020.

“The place is two blocks from my apartment and I kept walking around and said, ‘Why can’t I find such a beautiful place? It’s so beautiful, it stands out ‘and I went upstairs and dropped my phone on the street, my jaw was open, and I thought I had made my first phone call in space, ”Ambrose recalled. “We know. [Williamsburg] Most of the time, I don’t think there is any other place in New York to look beyond the locks and the resilience of this neighborhood. And it was so exciting to reopen here and be part of a new business… there is really no place for me to choose to be.

And the sense of community is working hand in hand with Corner Mission to fill the gap in fitness and well-being, especially for beginners or those looking to change their experiences. The studio aims to support yoga (and teachers) of all shapes, sizes, and levels without politeness or one-size-fits-all approach.

“The main thing is to treat people well, and it’s not hard to do: we really hope to be home to a growing yoga community. It is about the student’s experience and how they feel about their body. My favorite thing is to see them in a crowded room and everyone is doing a different shape because they decided they should be in that different position, not because I told them to go there. So a lot of ‘maybe try this, how does this feel?’ And then the idea that there is a gold-star treatment; Teachers overcome differences of opinion, ”says Ambrose.

In conjunction with the Addition mission, the studio will be offering free tuition from Monday to Friday at 12 noon.

In the future, Ambros will expand the studio’s offerings, as well as grow the area and engage with other local businesses and organizations such as rental opportunities, workshops, yoga book club, silver special, art exhibitions, exhibitions and much more.

See the corner room program over here (All participants should be vaccinated).