Palo Pinto – A door across the street from the Palo Pinto County Courthouse Wednesday with less than 8 percent of Texas provinces’ fitness equipment.

It was decided to commemorate the woman who inspired her co-workers to lead a healthy life.

Deana Copeland, one of the state’s first county security coordinators and a four-year employee of Palo Pinto County, said of Iris Ann Stagner, “He asked each of us to do better, to be better and to live better. Train employees in the Texas Provinces’ Healthy County Safety Program.


‘Ghost Bicycle’ recalls the scene where Iris Stagner was killed while riding her bicycle on the US 180 Bridge Brazos River.

“Today is her 64th birthday,” said Copeland, who is “very close” to Stagner and her husband Booth. “She would like Palo Pinto County to continue to encourage its employees to stay healthy.”

Members of the Stagner family came from Mines to cut the ribbon in the middle.

“She loved it,” said her daughter Felicia Harvey. “Nine years later, it’s still great to be able to honor her.”

Stagner’s Dream: The Fitness Center is funded by the TAC Safety Program, which rewards participating counties when employees meet certain health standards, such as weight loss or smoking cessation.

New Palo Pinto Fitness Center dedicated to Iris Stagner in her honor

Ready, Prepare, Blame – The Palo Pinto County Workers’ Fitness Center is funded by the Texas County Safety Program funded by non-domestic tax dollars.

“Never Give Up,” “Be More Stronger Than You Were

Texas County Council Safety Coordinator Shammer Davis said the state’s 254 courts have “less than 20” own fitness centers – about 7.87 percent.

The Palo Pinto Center is open to county staff with 24/7 access only.

“Because we have prisoners who work shifts overnight,” said health coordinator Angela Bryant.

The inscription on the door reminds Stagner of the Fitness Center. The Texas County Council selects the County Safety Coordinator each year for the Iris Stagner Award.

“And I hope the county staff will respect her and try to stay healthy and use this tool, which is what Iris wants,” Copeland said.