New fitness is coming to the flights – but not everyone is a fan.

Peloton, in partnership with Delta Airlines, was able to launch in-flight entertainment screens in the sky.


New meditation and stretching classes have been launched at Delta Airlines.Credit: Peleton

The fitness company, known for its fitness bikes, has created new parts.

Five stretch and meditation units are designed for delta only and for the first time the Peloton units are available for release outside the app.

Passengers can exercise from their seats for five to 20 minutes.

Some fitness enthusiasts call him a “genius,” while others call him a “good partner.”

However, most people do not agree with the idea of ​​exercising on a crowded flight.

Someone said, “I don’t hate the idea, but I didn’t see it happen.”

Others called it the Case of the Missing Kidney.

Another added: “I could not wait to be stuck between the elbows that swayed in the window and the small airline.

Someone else agreed: “Yeah, that’s what we want on airplanes. We want people to do yoga in the corridors. There’s definitely not enough space in the seats to do anything.”

Someone wrote: “I hope I don’t get a crutch on one of these stretches.”

“The road is going to be a war zone,” said another on social media.

This is not the first time a passenger has tried to exercise on an airplane.

Someone made an amazing decision Personal exercise during flight He took his gym equipment to the plane, stood in the hallway, and hit his arms and chest.

And a couple of fitness enthusiasts were embarrassed. Performing yoga on the back Of aircraft.

It could even be planes Have gyms on board – The change may have been made by a company called Transpoz, which started the idea of ​​a new aircraft gym.

In partnership with Rebock, the company demonstrated its “flying gym” model at the Mina San Jose International Airport in Silicon Valley, California in 2017.

The new sections are only available on Delta flights.


The new sections are only available on Delta flights.Credit Trib AP
Peloton CEO John Foley talks about the company’s growth