President Joe Biden comments on infrastructure projects at Woodstock, NH, November 16, 2021, on the NH 175 Bridge on the Pemigewase River. (Jonathan Ernest / Reuters)

Nearly half of the voters are questioning. The mental capacity of President Biden According to the new public opinion, one year for the first time.

Forty-four percent of voters trust Biden’s intelligence, but 48 percent do not, according to a new poll Politico / Morning Consultation. 2-point margin Out of October 2020 voters had a high 21-point margin on Biden’s cognitive function.

Forty percent of voters surveyed on Biden’s general security believe he is “healthy,” but 50 percent say the opposite. Voters know that Biden’s health is deteriorating.

Former President Trump faced similar challenges during his tenure. A.D. In 2018, nearly half of voters questioned Trump’s mental stability and intelligence ABC News / Washington Post Public comment

In the case of Biden, the risk is related to age. This weekend, when he turns 79, Biden is the big man who took over the office. Critics point to verbal errors in public Stuttering During speeches, and unwillingness to take questions from the press, as evidence of cognitive decline.

Of Public Awareness The president’s weak mental state could play a major role in the democratic leadership debate over whether to run for re-election in three years. Biden has confirmed plans to run again.

While Democrats still have confidence in Biden’s intellectual abilities, many neutral parties have lost that belief by a margin of 23 points. Complaints among the neutral have been translated into other polling stations, including Biden Overall performance levelIt dropped to a new low of 38 percent in October.

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