• Newly connected Bowflex® High total® 16 Cardio Machine offers 16-inch HD touch and integration with JRNY® Digital Fitness Platform, so users stay engaged and motivated during high calorie burning intervals.

  • JRNY® Medrek provides an immersive experience of exploring the world by combining vocal-trained individual sports, world-class coaching, exploring the world with sports activities.Ways, and joining other fitness app workouts, which are monitored and published in the JRNY Member Journal.

  • JRNY members can subscribe to HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + from the console for fun during sports.

Vancouver, Washington, November 02, 2021– (Business wire–Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS), a leading innovation in connected home fitness, today introduced Bowflex® High total® 16 Cardio Machine – The premium model in the popular, one-of-a-kind Max Coach line – includes a 16-inch HD touch screen integrated with the upgraded JRNY® To help members achieve their fitness goals by providing sports and entertainment options released during training.

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The new Bowflex® Max Total® 16 cardio machine – the leading model in the popular, one-of-a-kind coaching line, offers short and high-intensity workouts by combining low impact elliptical and high stepper strength. Compact design. (Photo of BusinessBusiness Wire)

The Bufflex Max offers a total of 16 machines, both elliptical and high-intensity low-impact, short and high-intensity intercoms in a realistic design. Max intended for users looking for challenging, efficient and effective high-intensity workouts with a total of 16 6-arm adjustable handles, large textured foot pedals and a magnetic protection system with 20 adjustable dial rotation.

The Max Total 16 experience is further expanded in conjunction with the JRNY Digital Fitness Platform, so users stay involved in high-calorie burn-out workouts. The forum uses machine learning to conduct end-to-end personal workouts based on initial fitness assessment and collective, individual, and coaching activities. Members can browse world content, including HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, including real-time updates from more than 50 channels around the world. Video and Disney +. * For a limited time, one-year supplement JRNY membership is included with Max Total 16 purchase.

“Our Innovative Max Coach is one of our best-selling products ever. Challenging and Participatory Exercise, ”said Jim Barr, CEO of Nautilus Ink. It is our mission to continue.

Members can also use their JRNY membership to get a full body, non-productive workout, including strength, yoga, stretching and Pilates. These exercises vary in length and intensity and can be completed while listening to JRNY Radio.

Bowflex® High total® 16 Cardio Machine
Features include:

  • Built-in 16-inch HD touch screen to stream entertainment and access fitness metrics from a phone or tablet with the JRNY app.

  • Unlimited user profiles for anyone in the family to have a custom experience.

  • It combines elliptical and terrestrial movements into a unique physical activity.

  • Both rails and wheels provide smooth ride.

  • Iron deflection dial to easily increase the resistance level (20).

  • 6-hand flexible handles for extra exercise.

  • Heart rate arm, heart rate monitor and Bluetooth: Enabled for smart devices and heart rate monitors.

  • Compact fingerprints and transport tires for easy storage at home.

  • Bluetooth® Speakers, built-in media rack with extra tray, USB charging port and two water bottle holders.

Bowflex Max Total 16 Nautilus, Inc. An individual connected fitness portfolio is a recent addition. As of September 2020, Nautilus Inc. Introduces two bikes, three treadmills and two top coaches – all linked to the improved JRNY digital fitness platform and HD touchscreen.

The JRNY platform is available for download on the Google Play and App Store at Bowflex.com and the pre-installed Max Trainer Max Total 16 and M9 machines Velorco® And C7 bikes, and T7, T10 and T22 treadmills. Members can use the JRNY own device feature and use their own smartphone or tablet to access the JRNY platform on Bowflex.® C6 and Schwinn IC4 indoor bikes. Following a 1-year probationary period, JRNY membership costs $ 19.99 per month or $ 149 per year, and applicable taxes.

A new web-based customer login has been launched where members can learn more about the JRNY platform, update the latest features and manage their accounts. Available at. http://www.jrny.com, The new portal allows customers to update outdated credit cards, activate their membership, update their passwords, pause their membership, and renew their membership on a monthly basis or change their plans.

Bowflex Max Total 16 is available for purchase directly at $ 2,799 (MSRP). For more information on the Bowflex Max Total 16 or JRNY Digital Fitness Platform, please visit https://www.bowflex.com.

* Wants to subscribe to the streaming service, not included. JRNY needs it too® Membership of a digital fitness platform to access streaming services from the console.

About JRNY® Digital Fitness Platform

The JRNY platform uses machine learning to create personal treadmill, indoor cycling and max trainer machine exercises based on initial fitness assessment. The forum assesses the fitness level of the members and recommends these exercises based on their abilities, time, mood and exercise experience of their choice, and continues to learn and practice – eliminating the presumption of effective and satisfying exercise. JRNY members receive voice-trained individual exercise for Bowflex-connected card machines, coaching-led cardio and strength video exercises, the ability to travel the world by combining sports with the world.Roads, and Access, from selected Bufflex product consoles, entertainment subscriptions for members such as HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +.

About Nautilus, Inc.

Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS) is a global leader in digital connected home fitness solutions. The company’s brand family includes Bowflex®, Nautilus®, Schwin®And JRNY®, Its digital fitness platform. Extensive selection of exercise bikes, cardio equipment and strength training products, Nautilus, Inc. It promotes healthy living through individual exercises and in doing so shows one person building a healthy world at the same time.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, the company’s products are sold directly to consumers through brand websites and retail partners throughout the US and internationally. Nautilus, Inc. Uses the site’s Investors Contact Page (www.nautilusinc.com/investors) To provide information to investors and the market.

This press release The meaning of the Privacy Guarantee Amendment Amendment Act of 1995 includes forward-looking statements (non-historical facts) that will include the planned, planned or estimated financial, operational and capital expenditures, but not limited sales growth rates, total margins, employment Operating expenses, operating margins, demand for new and existing products of the company, statements about the company’s promises, resources or capabilities; Planned investments, strategic initiatives and expected outcomes of such initiatives; The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the company’s business; And the expected cost-effective outcomes of planned initiatives and initiatives. All of these predictions are subject to risks and uncertainties that may change at any time. Nautilus, Inc. Reasons why material expectations may differ materially from these forthcoming statements are a poor demand for new or existing products; Our ability to timely receive goods that meet our quality control requirements at an acceptable cost only from foreign manufacturers; Risks associated with current and potential delays, disruptions or supply chain disruptions, including ship delays due to severe shipping shortages, rising commodity prices and other pressures, including unfavorable exchange rates and shipping costs, or increasing the impact of raw materials prices. Or failure to pass, delays in launching new products, entering new markets or strategic initiatives and / or exceeding expected costs; Our ability to hire and retain key management staff; Changes in consumer fitness trends; Changes in the media consumption habits of our target customers or the effectiveness of our media advertising; Reduction of consumer spending due to unfavorable economic conditions; Concerns about the impact of the Covide-19 epidemic or similar public health crisis on our business; Softness in the retail market; Including the availability and timing of capital to finance our strategic initiatives, in appropriate circumstances or in general, to raise capital; Changes in financial markets, including changes in credit markets and interest rates, affect our ability to access those markets and the impact of future crises. Additional estimates, concerns, and uncertainties are described in detail in our registration statements, reports, and other documents submitted with the Security and Exchange Commission, including the “risk factors” included in our Form 10-K annual report. Such documents are available on or on our website www.sec.gov They warn that such statements are not a guarantee of future performance and that our actual results may differ from those described in future statements. We are not obligated to publicly update or revise future statements to reflect subsequent developments, events, or circumstances.

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