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San Francisco, California, USA, November 16, 2021 / – Funk Roberts, a former professional beach volleyball certified coach, is organizing a National Testosterone Awareness Day on November 17 to teach men how to improve their health and well-being.

“Testosterone is the number one hormone for men; it stimulates the male reproductive system, keeps men healthy and energizes men,” said Funk Roberts, co-creator and premier fitness coach for more than 40 alphas, which has helped thousands of people set goals, achieve and retain goals. Maintaining a high level of fitness. “Testosterone is the key to losing weight, burning belly fat, building lean muscle, increasing energy, improving sexual desire and getting into better health and shape in your life.

By the time men reach 30 years of age, testosterone levels naturally drop by one to two percent, resulting in loss of physical, sexual, and mental health. There is no need to despair; Hopefully, 90% of men with low testosterone are suffering from it.

Testosterone can be easily increased by implementing a good diet, adequate recovery time, adequate sleep, regular and effective exercise and mindfulness changes. With my help and the realization of this national holiday, testosterone levels can be doubled or tripled in less than 90 days. I am happy to help the men in our community stay healthy and safe.

By taking these steps, you can take a big step toward improving your testosterone, improving your health and making you feel better every day.

According to Funk Roberts, low testosterone levels can lead to:
Increased body fat and weight, especially belly fat
Decreased sexual desire
Vaginal erection problem
Decreased muscle strength and muscle mass
Persistent fatigue
Increased susceptibility to depression and other disorders
Low bone density
Power reduction
Excessive breast tissue growth in men
Decreased cognitive function and memory

Funk Roberts is the President and Owner of Fuk Roberts Fitness and He is a certified personal and metabolic trainer, MMACA trainer (MMACA), online fat loss expert and Amazon # 1 best-selling author of ‘Fast Fitness’.

With over 20 years of experience, he has helped thousands of fitness enthusiasts, fighters, trainers and coaches achieve their fitness goals and improve athletic performance through his programs.

He has helped fighters prepare for battle with many major MMA and combat promotions including the UFC, Bellator, Glory, K1, ADCC and Grapplers Quest, making him one of the strongest leaders in the martial arts community.

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