Do Not Give Up: Workers at Stratco and Parks on the Campbell River are marching for the fourth time today.

With this in mind, the Stratco and Regional District (SRD) on Monday (November 22) abounded cancellations at Dougwood St. Institution.

The weight room and all pools are closed, and all SRD programs and classes are canceled. However, the platform remains open to all captured ice users.

The strike came on the heels of a series of strikes on November 1, 10, and 12, following the rejection of a four-year contract by two- and two-and-a-half percent pay increases by Steelworkers (USW) local 1-1937 members.

According to a trade representative of the association Shelley Siemens, S.It poses a serious threat to living costs, rent, grocery prices and fuel costs.

A.D. On November 15, the association invited him to write again for SRD Participate in “meaningful collective bargaining”.

“Once again, the Stratco and Regional District negotiators have responded in the same way that they feel the cost of living is reasonable,” Siemens said.

She said the employer was paying “very high” wages for similar work in various institutions, and that SRD Finance was “healthy enough to reward management employees with higher wages than the cost of living.”

Siemens said USW members will continue to take action until “the Stratco and the District of Territories return to the table to negotiate a fair and just contract for their employees.”

He added, “Our members do not want to please the people, even though the ministers in front of the majority of the people are at the forefront of the epidemic and want to continue serving the people.

Our newsletter contacted SRD for comment and stated that the Board is committed to resolving the dispute.

After seven months of negotiations, the two committees agreed to leave the table in July 2021 and submit to their party. “This four-year interim agreement includes a general salary increase similar to that of local governments around Vancouver Island. The Stratco and Regional Board of Trustees approved the interim agreement, but the USB Negotiation Committee failed to ratify the agreement with its members.

The SRD continued, “The District of the District has requested that USBW be returned to the table. USW has not yet responded to the October 25, November 1, and November 17’s request to return to the table.