As consumers continue to return to many of their pre-epidemic behaviors, bodybuilders, one of the most affected sectors of the economy, are hoping to get rid of bicycles in the living room and return to classrooms. An integral part of many habits.

But Carl Dickler, co-founder, chairman and CEO Beach Company, Not sure. “The best way to stay consistent with your health and fitness is to make it as comfortable as possible in your living room,” he told PYMNTS.

According to Dicler, BichBodi has seen a 30- to 40 percent increase in post-covide physical fitness costs, and by 2021 people will continue to receive health and well-being at home, with average exercise being a month for one active user. The connected fitness market is expected to reach $ 599 billion by 2027.

“People love the gym but they love the comfort of the hyena model – they practice in the gym when they have time, but the rest of the time at home,” Dicler said. “That’s why fitness is here to stay here.”

A study by PYMNTS ‘Connected Economy shows that one-third of all consumers are heavily linked, including more than half a million in the health sector. In addition, a study of the Wichfield, which was reported by BichBod, found that 87% of people said that they would continue to exercise at home as part of their physical activity even after they had returned to the gym. Competence in their lives ”

Matching A study on how 73 million high-profile consumers are pioneering the connected economy.

Over the next two years, our Beechwood CEO will see “some of our greatest innovations,” including content-sharing opportunities on the company’s connected bicycle. One of these innovations is the launch of a new Beach Bodie on-demand experience, which began last month with the Interactive Interactive – BODi – live and connected group fitness experience.

At the launch of BODi, Diccher said, Bichbood “has taken a big step in improving the experience at home,” by distributing the screen behind the teacher to consumers as part of the cast.

“The biggest opportunity I see is to use technology to enhance human experience and stimulate communication and accountability, which are critical to achieving goals,” he said.

Strict competition

In fact, Bichbod opposes fierce competition in the metropolitan area. Although Peloton struggled to recover from the injury and recalled his subsequent treadmills, he managed to increase his combined fitness subscriptions by 114% and paid 176% for digital subscriptions on June 30. The company is set to report revenue for the first quarter of the fiscal year on Thursday (November 4).

Matching Peloton-linked fitness enrollment has grown by 114 percent.

In addition, several startups, Like AvironLook for opportunities to impress consumers in new and varied ways, such as playing sports or offering the most common exercise options. Apple and Amazon are both working to expand their fitness offerings with new devices and components. Last month, Amazon released a new version of the Halo fitness tracker, as well as hundreds of new studio-quality services called Halo Nutrition and Halo Fitness, a platform for building healthy eating habits. Exercise classes similar to Apple Fitness +.

See more: Amazon Halo Expansion may include a connected fitness area.

Dichlor, who specializes in bichbood, told PYMNTS that it is a “complete solution that includes fitness, nutrition and community.”

“The epidemic has brought a whole new dimension to health and well-being,” he said. “And Bichbodi is uniquely positioned to meet their needs because we’ve been in control of homework for over 20 years and have created some of the most memorable fitness content in history.”

Dickel also said that some of the content of the Beechboard Open content is available on Amazon Halo, a partnership to increase brand engagement and awareness, and “create user-friendly ways: affordable and accessible fitness options.

“Ultimately, connected fitness means that people are more likely to transition to our solutions when they are influenced to live healthier, better lives and more people start the journey,” he said.


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