In a series of videos, Mira says she needs to find exercise and work to get better.

Sunday is supposed to be cool but it is also a day to take time off from our program to work on ourselves and get better – Mira RajputSunday Mantra is full of fitness, motivation and self-love. On Sunday, Mira shared many images and videos on her Instagram stories and said we should continue to work on ourselves and improve our fitness.

In two stories, Mira After a short break, Mira shared her self-portraits with Calistinic cords. In one of the pictures, Mira writes: “Practicing those pulps” and in the other picture “Survival of the Fittest”.

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In many videos, Mira He also said that it is important to look for exercise and work to get better. Although Sunday was intended for the cold, she said she had spent some time recovering from her practice and that she was making progress even though she had not yet done so. It is also important to look for the part of the body that needs more exercise. Mira said she was working on her upper body. Watch a clip of her Instagram stories here

Mira Rajput Instagram Stories. (Instagram/@mira.kapoor)

Mira’s Instagram profile is full of fitness and yoga notebooks. A few weeks ago, Mira went to the Maldives for a family vacation. She shared a video of her doing yoga on the beach. “Yoga does not have to be perfect. It does not have to be a set pattern or the right frequency. It is about communicating with your body, your body and nature.”

Calisthenics, as tried by Mera, comes with a number of health benefits. They help you burn more calories faster. They also improve body flexibility and help you walk faster throughout the day. It also improves brain and body coordination.

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