James Beard’s award-winning chef Michael Mina has announced a new restaurant – vernacular – that will open in 2022 at the Los Angeles Fitness Club.

Mother Tongue, Mina’s multi-concept team role concept, will be “a place for dinner with friends, a happy cocktail, lunch or breakfast with co-workers,” the company said in a statement.

The menu will include “international value” with “bright and pure ingredients that nourish the body and mind”.

“Over the past few years, we’ve had a strong desire to create an experience that brings us a well-rounded dining experience,” Michael Mina said at the time of his release. “HEIMAT is a great place to show our commitment to health by using our unique commitment to health by using high quality ingredients with unique service pillars.

The restaurant has partnered with HEIMAT, a restaurant based out of Los Angeles and owned by RSG Group, a concept fitness club. RSG Group owns and owns innovative and lifestyle brands such as the Gold Gym, McFITI, the family of John Reed Clubs and the management of Marcel von Berlin, Ron Miller and Pearl Model.

Mother Tongue will be in the new HEIMAT global headquarters in Los Angeles to open next year. The space includes 75,000 square feet and five floors, with health and also culinary concepts.

“As Michael’s starred chef, Michael’s role in the restaurant industry is a commendable and respected talent. With him, we are creating a unique connection to our first-ever kitchen-specific fitness experience,” RenG Group co-founder and CEO Rainer Schaller said in a statement. “As a friend, Michael and I both have a strong desire to eat well – we share the realization that it can create fond memories. Native language is the result of a search for the origins of different food cultures. And a sense of home comfort that is experienced by all senses. “

The restaurant will be open to the public, not just club members.

Mina Group includes more than 40 brick-and-mortar and virtual restaurant brands in Del Mar, California, as well as the Estorio Ornos Michael Mina Restaurant in Miami and San Francisco to Michael Mina in Las Vegas.