Although last season’s final season took some time to beat the Milwaukee Books, Michael Bridges believes that with his post-season experience and lessons he and Phoenix Suns will only serve to improve the 2021-22 season.

Ten years have passed since the renaissance of last season, when the sun even reached the post-season. A.D. Michael Bridges, one of the league’s two most versatile players, has played a key role in Valleley’s transformation in the 10th general election since Phoenix was drafted in 2018.

He finished last season with 13.5 points, 4.3 answers, 2.1 assists and one block per game. His performance recently led to a four-year, $ 90 million contract extension.

The young striker was only one of 11 players in all 72 games last season, which means that one of the constants the Suns can rely on is the attacking midfielder’s best perimeter. It is sustainable b Solar Strength and Air Conditioning Program In collaboration with his own rehabilitation program. Bridges have been weakened by diet in the past pescatarian going. The change changed Chipotle’s standard operating system for a while, but it returned to normal.

Along with Chris Paul, Davin Bucker and Deandere Aiton, Bridges’ defensive versatility, consistency and continuous improvement are among the reasons Phoenix feels a recurring theme. Bridges talked about muscle and fitness from what he learned from his first passing experience, his habits of keeping himself in court last season, his vacation program and his return from his favorite restaurant to his regular schedule.

Barry Gossaj

Experience is a great teacher.

It was a great experience as we were in the post-season team, playing the best basketball and getting to the end. Obviously, you want to win. Everyone competes, but sometimes life does not go that way. I realized that every detail is important. We are coming this year with two new classes with the same team, which will definitely help with the experience.

Michael Bridges returned to work

After a three-week break, I returned to my training and exercise routine. I was Getting up early in the morning for a good workout in. For me, it’s about trying to gain some weight on my frame and stay strong. I have to eat a lot of food and getting up in the morning gives you more time to eat. I get up and go to court, I shoot, I work to improve my hand and I put myself in a situation where I know I will be guilty. I will return home and pick it up. This is five times a week and I am in the gym twice a day. I stayed in that routine for about two months and it was great. The season was certainly short, but by the end of the season I had done everything I could think of and how I wanted to train.

The best skill is availability

I do some post game picks, thanks to us. Strength and flexibility Staff. I do that for my legs and the rest of my body. I’m in a cold pool and I’m stretching. They want to do some things the night before the games. My holidays are big days for me because some people just need a break but I have to cycle for 10 minutes to bleed and then I have to do my job. Recovery items To feel good the next day. I just try and keep track of things and keep my blood flowing in days. In back-to-back games, I don’t have to go to court or shoot, but I can do something on the bike to get that sweat out.

I think [load management] Different for everyone. I can say it with a guy like Libron, I understand. I once went to the finals, but he did more harm than good to me in the courtroom and in all his time – I will definitely get it. I feel that only people take care of their bodies and that is it.

Find your Z

I get some sleep, but I think our coaching staff is doing a good job knowingly, all thanks to the fact that the next morning there will be no shootings or things to fall back on. Our staff is here. Some are former players, and they know how our bodies feel. If you don’t play, you never know how it feels to play back-to-back games. To play a game, go and play the next night – it’s hard. If you don’t play, you can only see the numbers, but you don’t know how you feel. Existence of coaches like Monti [Williams] And the hedgehog Jack, who played in the league, understood that. They do a good job of moving the schedule and things back so we can Get more sleep After we rested.

Try new foods…

I was a pescatarian for a while last season. I wanted to try something else and see how it turned out. My mother was a pescatarian when I was in college. We had two vegan men in the group. I didn’t want to go full vegan, but I could do pescatarian. It was a good experience, but I will not do it again.

… But still go for what you know

My Chipotle go-to is white rice, sometimes black beans, double chicken, fresh salsa, corn salsa and lettuce. Sometimes I add guacamole. I cut cheese because of my lactose intolerance. I always had lactose intolerance, but I kind of took cheese and paid for the consequences later. Months passed without cheese and I missed it.