CrossFit ‘Hero’ exercises The most frightening sessions in fitness are without question. Each WOD dedicated to a deceased member of the Defense Forces represents the opportunity to push your physical and mental strength to the limit to remember everything you have given.

They are tall, ruthless, and very heavy in design. A hero WOD with a red line heartbeat is enough to make any famous athlete kneel; 24 hours is not short of a big workout. All of this makes it even more amazing, then, that M.H.Fitness editor Andrew Tracy has broken this tough test on three occasions, and this Saturday, November 20, he is being shot for the fourth time.

Inspired by the motto of the military charity Pilgrim’s Pirates of the Year every year since 2018 – “Always a little forward” – Tracy came out of the bar wearing a heavy coat, his hands on a poster and a month-long fundraising WODvember. The motivation for sending wounded military personnel to adventures and trips may be discouraged.

In addition to thousands of palm-crushing press, put-up and muscle games, this year’s trial traces the longest marathon distance between the WODs. Hourly, on time. That is beyond the scope of any other exercise, and many of them contain a running element. (Continued below)

“This is the first attempt I have ever made,” he said. In previous experiments, the program switched between “long, slightly stronger jeans” and “short, slightly stronger”, allowing you to refuel, refill, and make up for 40 to 50 minutes every few hours.

Tracy continued, “SafetyNet has been removed.” If exercise takes 50 minutes, I have 10 minutes to walk two or three miles on the road to start the next one.

Trembling is not the only challenge. An Ultra Marathon and a WOD Marathon are uniquely taxed on the body, and their polarized interest creates a vicious combination. “You are running with very weak legs, with very weak upper body,” he says. “When you run, you rely on your upper body to hold you together. Once this is done, you can say they are running. To oppose Your own body’s resistance to getting to the next checkpoint, and all of this will intensify within 24 hours.

Tracy drips, loads, lunges, and arrives at Stratford Olympic Park via Harlo, Eping and Woodford, starting at James Essex (100 Muscle-Up, Unknown) at 10:00 AM in rural Essex. The test ends in the toughest WOD, ‘Murph’ – two one-mile races, with 600 repetitive weight weights – at 9am. This is a task, and Tracy cannot do much to train the task at hand.

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“You have to make sure you have the capacity, but beyond that, the focus is on prevention,” he said. “Naturally, you have to hurry yourself. Most people can run 100 meters, but they cannot keep up with that marathon. But you do not try to run the marathon at 100 meters. Much of the training is about building strength and stamina and getting acquainted with exercise.

Those aspects of training may be important in the long run, but you can only take Tracy at night. “You train well,” he continues. That is not your version of doing those exercises. Your digestive system works differently at night; When you are deceived, you think it is strange. You can’t train for those things, you just have to be mentally prepared for the reality. And after that, it’s just a matter of controlling fatigue and pain.

For most of us, anticipating future suffering – wrinkled palms, lactic acid dry legs, internal battle with your inner monolith – is enough motivation to call the test time before the first WOD disappears. For Tracy, however, discomfort is central to the appeal.

“In the fitness industry, this whole narrative revolves around ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’ and ‘out of the comfort zone,'” he said. But in general, everyone goes to the same gym, with the same people, gradually doing strenuous exercise. I would argue that the gymnasium has become their comfort zone. ”

You will always have the option of stopping when working out of three sets of 10 in the gym. He continues: “It is chosen, and there is no harm in it.” “Heroes, men and women who have lost their lives in the line of duty, have no choice but to say ‘I’ want to weigh myself ‘or’ I ‘. Only half of it works. They were struggling to save their lives. ”

As Tracy crossed the finish line on Sunday morning, he shipped tens of thousands of kilograms of iron and covered it for 40 miles, marking the three-digit frequency that moves you with each CrossFit. It can come to mind. It is a relentless physical abuse and a profound psychological test. But because it is supposed to happen.

“There is no discomfort in the four walls in the gym,” he says. “This is a bit of hard work. And this year, more than ever, it reflects that, because slowing down has real consequences. It is noise or eclipse. Either you get to the next one, or you don’t.

Want to sponsor Tracey’s Herculean Efforts? You can donate directly to Pilgrim Pirates over here. Scroll to the full WOD running order …

10 ፡ 00 00 ፡ Pages James Pros
100 muscle-builders

11 ፡ 00 00 00 ና Nate
20 min AMRAP ፡ day
2 Muscle cramps
4 hand-stitched printers
8 kettlebell swings

12 ፡ 00 00 Hidalgo
2-mile run
20 cleans
20 box jumps
20 walking lungs
20 box jumps
20 cleans
2-mile run

1pm: Jerry
1 mile run
2000-meter row
1 mile run

2 p.m.
Round 5:
12 Dead Lifts
9 Cleans straps.
6 Push Flows

3 p.m.
20 min AMRAP ፡ day
10 trailers
5 dumbbell deadlifts
8 Push-printers

4pm: Field
20 min AMRAP ፡ day
A 30-foot rope climb
100 m partner carry

5pm: Bert
50 burrows
400m race
100 push-ups
400m race
150 walking lungs
400m race
200 air squats
400m race
150 walking lungs
400m race
100 push-ups
400m race
50 burrows

6 p.m.: Joseva
15-12-9 @ Weight Loss
Bench printing
Power clean

7 p.m.
100 squid cleans

8 a.m. noon Berges
30-20-10 searching

9pm: McLaren
20 min AMRAP ፡ day
3 pressures
5 box jumps
7 Printers

10:00: Bolger
Round 5:
400m race
25 air squats
Carry a sandbag

11 a.m. 00 fraud fraud
Round 3:
5 Muscle cramps
10 squid cleans
20 Sit down

12 ፡ 00 00 ፡ Jordan Jordan
100 kettlebell swings
100 Sit
100 air squats
100 push-ups

1am: Chief
5 x 3-min AMRAP
3 Cleanses energy.
6 Push Up
9 air squats

2 ፡ 00 00 ፡ ሃይ ሃይ ሃይ ዲ ዲ ዲ ዲ
23-minute AMRAP ፡ day
23 Air Squares
23 Push Up
23 kettlebell swing
23 Lungs
23 Sit down
23 box jumps

3 ፡ 00 00 ፡ Pages Jones
30 minute AMRAP ፡ day
400m race
30 air squats
400m race
15 Push Up
400m race
30 burpee wide jump

4 ፡ 00 00
20 min AMRAP ፡ day

22 air squats
12 Fingers-to-Bar
9 burrows

5 ፡ 00 00’s cham
7 rounds

11 Dead Lifts
100m race

6 p.m.: Jenny
20 min AMRAP ፡ day

More than 20 squares
20 back squats
400m race
* Running with barbell

7 ፡ 00 00 00 ፡ Randy
75 power hooks

8 ፡ 00 00 ፡ ዮ ute Joseph Grzelak
100 kettlebell swings
EMOM performs 2 burpis

9 ፡ 00 00 Need
1 mile run
100 Draw
200 push-ups
300 squares
1 mile run
* Wear a heavy dress

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