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Good Thursday, people of Mentor! Here is everything you need to know in the city today

First of all, today’s weather

Refrigeration; A little morning rain. High High 46 Low High 34.

Here are the main stories in Mentor today:

  1. The City of Mentor will acquire the Hasley Ricket and Fitness Club on Hesley Road for $ 5.15 million. It is planned to transform the facility into a Mentor Residents Recreation Center. (Counselor Pach)
  2. Leonid Meteor Shower – The land known for producing fast and bright meteorites – passes through the rubble left by Comet 55 P / Temple-Tutul – reaching its peak early on Thursday morning. (Counselor Pach)
  3. WonderCleveland – An experience museum that combines practical work with state-of-the-art reality and other high-tech features has opened at the Great Lake Mall. (Press Release Desk)

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  • Mentor City Ohio – Municipality “Thanks to WonderCleveland for investing in our community. We wish you continued success in the future.” (Facebook)
  • Advisor Marching “As the ducks flock to Mentor Marsh #We are celebrating a waterfowl in the wild on Wednesday! In this bird arrangement, such beautiful colors will be used on our march. What are you looking at? Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve, November …”Facebook)
  • Mentor City Ohio – Municipality “This week is the annual Turkish Roll on Ice. Sign up for your fun and fun adult night club this Saturday, November 20th. Call 440.974.5720.”Facebook)
  • Consulting Public Library “For families who are tired of the usual board games, you can play a large number of versions of Jenga, Connect Four, Battleship and Scrabble this Thursday at Family Game Nights!” (Facebook)
  • Consulting Senior Center Pup “Great short week! Come join us for lunch or order Curbside Meal. Meals are only $ 5 each. Eat at 11 30 30’s on weekdays at the Senior Center, or take Curbside Meals. 11 – 11:15 AM (Mid-Street. .. “(Facebook)

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