“The Blue Cross is committed to helping people live healthier lives and to overcome the physical and social barriers that lead to health disparities,” he said. Jeff BellowsVice President of Corporate Citizenship and Public Affairs at the Blue Cross. “We are proud to work with the NFC to build the Commonwealth Fitness Courts to provide a common venue and equitable access to major outdoor fitness opportunities.”

The NFC’s elegant and durable outdoor fitness courts ® are designed to provide robust and fun seven-minute full-body exercises for people of all ages and abilities. Fitness courts are set up in public places that are easily accessible to residents, making it easier for people to get out of cars and return on foot every day. Equipment weighing more than 30 pounds can be used by the fitness court in thousands of ways. Users can access free digital fitness training by accessing the Fitness Court app, which offers a variety of fitness activities designed by leading professionals in practical fitness and weight training.

Municipalities, schools and other public places may apply. $ 50,000 Funding from Blue Cross and NFC to help build a fitness court. The NFC Advisory Team will work with qualified recipients to plan, fund, and launch an Outdoor Fitness Court and Community Safety Campaign.

“Blue is proud to host the Blue Cross as a state sponsor. Massachusetts” he said Mitch ManagementFounder of NFC. “This program provides a wealth of resources to contribute to the vital mission to fight obesity and improve health outcomes as the network of fitness courts grows in the state. We look forward to working with the Blue Cross to make this campaign a great success.”

Blue Cross’s partnership with NFC is part of the company’s strong corporate citizenship commitment. It was announced last week To promote health justice in communities in the Commonwealth. It will offer a blue cross over the next five years $ 16 million For those working to address food, environmental and racial justice for non-profit organizations Massachusetts Communities. This work supports the general term of the company Announced earlier this year To be a leader in solving health inequities in the Commonwealth.

NFC and Blue Cross will start accepting support applications November 2021 To support the establishment of fitness courts in local communities. Visit to learn more about the National Fitness Campaign and how you can qualify for funding http://nationalfitnesscampaign.com/Massachusetts.

Blue Shield of the Blue Cross Massachusetts:
Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield (bluecrossma.org) Is a community-based, tax-paying, non-profit health plan at Boston headquarters. We are committed to providing quality, affordable and fair health care with unparalleled consumer experience. In keeping with our commitment to put our members first, we are one of the nation’s best health plans for member satisfaction and quality. Contact us at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, And LinkedIn.

About NFC
The National Fitness Campaign (NFC) is a health consulting firm – founded San Francisco, California A.D. 1979 – Provides financial support, project management and master planning services to cities, schools and sponsors to build healthy communities. Fitness Court ነው is a 7-minute fitness system branded by NFC founder. Mitch Management, Designed to be the world’s best outdoor gym. The mission of the NFC is to build healthy communities by building an outdoor fitness court for every American on a 10-minute bike ride. Learn more about NFC at www.nationalfitnesscampaign.com.

Source Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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